This month Dave Morobe, Business Partners Limited Regional Manager, explains why he feels business owners should encourage young South Africans to become entrepreneurs; we feature thriving entrepreneurs Charles Ngobeni and Robert Hamer in our success stories; and Gerrie van Biljon discusses one of the easiest ways to lose your business.
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SME Business Bang
June 2012   |   Volume 4.4

Industry: Investing in our youth to help business flourish

South Africa’s established business owners, no matter how old they are, have a lot more to do with youth entrepreneurship than meets the eye, and it not only relates to the fact that many of them are hoping their children will take over the business one day.

Dave Morobe, Business Partners Limited Regional Manager, says business owners have both a vested interest in encouraging young South Africans to become entrepreneurs, and a responsibility as citizens to do so.

Success story:
‘Good advice’ not always right for the truly entrepreneurial

Financial advisors preach prudence to South Africa’s youth: “Start saving from your very first salary. Don’t rush out to buy a car. Don’t get into debt.”

As a young science teacher in the late eighties, Charles Ngobeni took his first salary slip, rushed out to buy a car and got himself into major debt. He is living proof that when it comes to financial advice and career planning, one size does not fit all. Today the multi-millionaire owns a fast-growing cosmetics brand, a significant stake in a coal company that will soon list on the JSE, five Wimpy outlets, ...

Success story:
Slow and steady climb from rags to riches

Some of the most amazing business stories are stark reminders that there is no need for flashiness for true business success, neither in the product, the growth nor the style of the business owner. What really counts is a strategic head, consistent adherence to a set of key principles, patience and discipline.

Robert Hamer’s is such a story. Ten years ago he set off from his father’s rag factory in East London to seek his own fortune in Johannesburg. Today, after buying out his father’s business and opening another factory in Cape Town, he employs sixty people in total.

Blog: The easy way to lose your business (Part 1)

By Gerrie van Biljon

Be hands off. The minute you take your eye off the ball you risk your business. Many entrepreneurs work very hard to establish and build a business and after a while they feel confident that they have it all under control. They have built up the expertise necessary to manage the business and it becomes second nature, but eventually they fall into a ‘comfort zone’, which is the start of the demise.

I remember a client of mine saying: “I keep the keys on my belt, I open and I close. Then I know what happens in my business”; wise words. My friend Anton Roets told me a similar story. A farmer was very successful, but his neighbour not. One day the neighbour drove over and asked the successful farmer for his secret. He pulled out a coin and gave it to the unsuccessful neighbour. “Before you milk each cow, put this coin on its head.” The neighbour did this and soon his business turned around. Why? Not because of the coin, but because he was now there in person looking after his business, instead of being occupied with other things.
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