This month we focus on youth Entrepreneurship and the launch of the 2016 SME Toolkit / BUSINESS/PARTNERS Business Plan competition, and we meet Mosha Senyolo and Delia Cupido, our latest square pegs.
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Every young person a winner in this business plan competition

Whether you have your toes in the water already, or whether you are still standing on the side, there are few better opportunities to take the plunge into starting your own business than the upcoming Business Plan Competition for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs.

For the hundreds of participants in the competition, which started this June and culminates during the Global Entrepreneurship Week in November, the programme is much more than going after the main prize. Every participant will benefit from the workshops, feedback and networking that the programme provides, says Christo Botes, executive director at Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS).

There are places for more than 900 young South Africans to sign up for this year's programme. They will be joining thousands of young people in 177 countries which will each hold their own competition simultaneously as part of the global movement to foster entrepreneurship among the youth. The project takes place under the auspices of the IFC’s (International Finance Corporation's) SME Toolkit, a free online knowledge resource containing thousands of advice articles, forms and tools for business owners.


Ten start-up pitfalls, and how young entrepreneurs can avoid them

Starting and growing your own business is potentially an immensely enriching career path for a young person to choose, not only financially, but also mentally and socially. While entrepreneurship is an exciting career, entrepreneurs, particularly the youth, also need to be aware that it is a difficult path.

Anton Roelofse, regional general manager at Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS), points out ten common pitfalls of starting and growing a business, and what young entrepreneurs can do to avoid them.

1. Over-thinking your idea

The renowned South African entrepreneur Anton Rupert famously said it was fortunate that he did not know all the risks that he would face in building his empire, otherwise he would never have started. Planning is crucial in business, but over-planning is paralysing. The many risks involved in any venture cannot be planned away. At some point, entrepreneurs have to confront risks directly by implementing their plans. Every business needs a bit of luck. If you don't roll the dice, you won't get lucky.

June 2016 / Vol.7.6


Are you a
square peg?

This quiz is not scientific but serves to highlight some of the key attributes of entrepreneurs or “square pegs”, as we at Business Partners Limited affectionately call them. The quiz should give you some idea on whether you “possess” entrepreneurial qualities, or not. However, please remember that a positive outcome/score is not a recipe for success.

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Business plan competition lights fire in entrepreneur

In many ways, Mosha Senyolo is an ideal candidate for entrepreneurship: she is young, technically well qualified, she has a burning desire to break the bonds of sexism and prove her worth as a pioneering professional, and she has a strong vision of the kind of business that she wants to build. But, until recently, there was one missing ingredient – impetus.

“So many of us sit with ideas and a desire to do something different, to move from where we are. But there is nothing to propel us, nothing to support us, there's nothing that believes in what we see,” she says, describing her thinking before she started her business.

The spark that eventually lit the fire that was in Senyolo was the annual SME Toolkit/ BUSINESS/PARTNERS Business Plan Competition for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs, a nation-wide contest in which hundreds of young South Africans formulate their business ideas into a business plan and submit it for evaluation.


Unschooled child labourer rises to build thriving education business

At the age of 13, Delia Cupido was taken out of school to work in a meat factory, a blow that would condemn most people to a life of semi-literate poverty. Cupido, however, has not only managed to recoup the education that was denied her, but today the successful 55-year-old business woman runs a thriving group of schools in Cape Town.

When asked where her extraordinary entrepreneurial drive comes from, she says: “I'm not sure. I think I've always had the desire to be better. I believed that I can do anything that I put my mind to.”

From very early on, she developed a feel for money. “I can make money from of a piece of polony,” she says, referring to the sandwiches she sold for 25c each as a child. The polony came from the factory where her father worked, and where he wanted her to work when he took her out of school in Standard 6 (Grade 8) to help the family make ends meet.

Industrial Park
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George Industrial Park
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Industrial Park
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