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Black Lives Matter Boston

To our dedicated Community: 

As we gear up to honor Black History Month come February, we want to share what we’ve been up to so far and our plans for 2022. 

In order to create the world we want to live in, we want to Black youthfocus on the HOW: how we do the things that allow us to fulfill our purpose, how it is sustainable and how YOU, our community, can get involved. We also want to be thoughtful about the execution of our work. This is why we are focusing our efforts on the great minds of Boston’s Youth and members of our communities who may not be tapped in yet. 

Introducing Youth Programs

We are so excited to share the Youth Programs we have been building. This is an ongoing, self-improving campaign that will engage Boston youths. 

We are dedicated to getting to know the young people in our community as well as learning what they are getting to know the young people in our communitypassionate about within the realm of social justice. Youth often have a lot to say about what goes on in the world. They are also directly impacted by decisions made in our society. Our hope is to provide the opportunity to act on what drives them. We also can’t wait to continue engaging young people on BLM Boston’s mission, vision, values, principles, history, tactics, ideology and future projects. We embrace youth as the leaders of tomorrow and we are excited to share the necessary tools to create lasting change within their own lives and communities! 

Youth Build 

BLM Boston is delighted to announce our Youth Build: a collective of youth working together on programs and initiatives that they champion. These are the five facets we will be focused on: 

Collective and individual campaigns: studying to find out more about what has been done in the past and research to share how this can be done in the future 

Creativity and the arts: this is not limited to physical art, but Performing youthartwork like poetry, spoken word, singing, dance, and theater are also welcome. We want to help youth to develop their talents and interests while also utilizing their talents for the development of their communities.  

Demonstration: this refers to how youth will share their campaigns and creativity with the public. This could look like a coat drive, protest, rally, public art, speech, skit, or poetry. 

Outreach: this will foster the opportunity to reach out to other youth to try and get them involved in the work. Another form of outreach could be letter writing to authors or leaders. 

Youth Recognition: once a project, initiative, or campaign is complete, we will recognize and honor the youth for all of their hard work. This part is especially important to us because we believe that people should be recognized for their accomplishments and contributions that make the world a better place.  

Women supporting each otherAlso, look out for Black Lives Matter Week at schools during Black History Month in February! Sponsored by the Boston Teachers Union, this is a shared space with educators, students and parents to talk about BLM, and how student communities are being impacted by certain things such as policing in schools, the school to prison pipeline, and so much more. 

Young people are the leaders of tomorrow and we are excited to share the necessary tools to create lasting change within their own lives and communities. 

Mutual Aid

In addition to our Youth programs, BLM Boston is committed to ongoing Mutual aid projects. Mutual aid is not just a way society can support itself, it is also a show of care for others. We will continue to hold Letter Writing campaigns and mutual aid projects, Mutual Aidsuch as clothing drives, clean-ups, and food giveaways, in pairs throughout the year. During our first few sessions, the experience was described as “unforgettable” and “the most important work I've done in a while” by some participants. This year, Black Lives Matter Boston is making mutual aid a priority, as it supports both abolition and Black liberation. As we continue to get to know our community and their needs, we will shift in our goals. The Black Panthers had over 65 different programs from clinics to school lunches to women’s studies programs to ensure gender equality in the community. Mutual aid is a tool we all can invest in to support abolition and Black liberation. Please reach out to us if you’re interested in these efforts as we continue to fight for a better world and dismantle systems of oppression. 

How can you support us in small, digestible chunks? 

Letter writing campaignIn addition to our mutual aid campaigns, we are always looking for volunteers to help us out. Please fill out this form to stay in the know

You can also continue to follow the Community Movers in Action Series we’ve started, which will be showcasing Setonji, MarTaze, Jilisa and Ikemba in action in their communities. We’re so excited to continue to introduce you to these individuals and what they do in their day to day lives. They will be offering comments about their own experiences fighting for justice in their own ways. Hopefully you will be able to see yourself in them as we continue to normalize movement work as part of our daily lives. These community members are not waiting for things to happen to them, they’re making things happen in the spirit of the movement Boston BLM embraces. 

We’re Hiring Two Part-time PositionsWe're hiring! Strategic Development; Development Coordinator 

Black Lives Matter Boston is recruiting a team of highly motivated people to join the Black Radical Abolitionist Movement. We are currently seeking two part-time positions, a Development Coordinator and a Strategic Development Planner! These positions will be based out of our Boston office, with the opportunity for remote work. Learn more and apply.

Job Descriptions: 
Strategic Development Planner

Development Coordinator

CurbFest Prep

Want to help out with CurbFest this Summer and Black August events? We’re looking for movement artists, musicians, and event planners. Individuals must encapsulate the Black Liberation movement mentality and are dedicated to showing up for the work. 

The Past Informs the Present 

As we continue to engage with Mutual Aid campaigns and our community, we want to reiterate that these efforts are tangible ways in which people can get involved in Eni Brownservice to the work. After viewing how the community operated, historical figures Anna Julia Cooper, Ida B Wells and Fannie Lou Hamer established organizations based on specific needs. This ranges from transactional work, i.e. making sure there are benches while community members wait for the bus, to transformative work: changing permanent societal conditions and institutions to help us grow as people. We will continue the work that both protects people and makes us whole. Thank you for staying with us as we fight to dismantle systems of oppression. 

In Solidarity, 

BLM Boston

“It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.”
- Assata Shakur, Assata: An Autobiography

“..when shall we arise from this death-like apathy?-- And be [human]!!"
- David Walker's Appeal
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