TPPA Bulletin #55


TPPA – Kiwi’s Fight Back!

Political leaders from the 12 TPPA countries, including John Key and Barack Obama, want to finalise a political deal when they meet around 13-14 November. We are joining the campaigns in several other countries in an International Day of Action to Stop the TPPA.

Current list of events (sorry to those people who don't do facebook, we will be setting up webpages for these soon but you can visit the facebook pages for info anyway):












What can you do?

Last time we had activities (marches, rallies, stalls) in 17 towns and cities throughout the country. This time we want more people in more places - we've already got 11 and a few more are in the works. For information watch the website and facebook. Want to help organising in your home town? Contact Jonathan King (, who will be helping with the nation-wide coordination.
Poster required!

We haven't yet designed a poster for our day of action, and we thought we'd call upon all you talented artists to lend us a hand. We need something that is of sufficient quality that it can be used in media straight away, and we need it by 8 October. The theme is: "TPPA, Kiwis Fight back." Get your creative juices flowing! Send to:
Big push for a final deal in November

The last secret round of ‘informal negotiations’ in Hanoi finished with a renewed push for a political deal in November. There are rumours of wall-to-wall meetings throughout October, some may be in Australia, no mention yet of NZ. Can they pull it off? That still depends on a deal between the US and Japan on agriculture, but there are political reasons why Japan also wants a deal before the US mid-term Congressional elections in November.
Brilliant new TPPA education tool on YouTube

A Trans Pacific Partnership infographic is up on YouTube. Share it far and wide!
Have you told John Key ‘TPPA? No Way!’ …

If not, then join the surge since the election and send or adapt the letter on the itsourfuture website, then pass the link on to others.
Opposition parties must oppose the TPPA

The time for pussyfooting by opposition parties is over. They must stake out the high ground, and put the feet of Key and Groser to the fire about plans to sign a secret deal. Jane Kelsey warns sitting on the sidelines will mean that, in three years time they won’t be able to implement the policies they stood for this election. Whenever you are talking to someone from NZ First, Labour, Greens and Maori Party, make sure the TPPA is high on the agenda. We will have some action suggestions shortly.
More success for local government campaign

The great work of the local government team, led by Greg, continues with a presentation to the Greater Wellington Regional Council and the Hutt City Council forthcoming. For more information, and to organize something for your local council, check out our local government page.
Oz/NZ miner OceanaGold uses ISDS

OceanaGold, the mining company which owns the Reefton, Macraes and Frasers gold mines in the South Island is suing the country of El Salvador after it was refused a mining permit to dig for gold there. Hear RNZ story on how that could happen with the TPPA in Aotearoa … Access information and sign an online petition to get Oceana to drop the suit. See the photo gallery of a Sydney rally against OceanaGold’s actions on September 5.
Quotable speeches
Robert Amsterdam’s Town Hall speech on TPPA

Hear international lawyer Robert Amsterdam on the TPPA on RadioLive and read his speech ‘Trading Away NZ’s Independence’ at the Auckland Town Hall meeting on 15 September.
Leading arbitrator pans ISDS 

George Kahale, one of the most experienced lawyers representing clients in investor-state disputes, describes the system as seriously flawed and in need of a complete overhaul. His speech is worth reading and quoting. Listen to ABC Radio in Australia on the issue.
Economist Jeffrey Sachs says No to TPPA

At a speech in Washington Sachs set out 5 reasons to reject the TPPA: 1. These are not trade treaties, but aim to protect investors; 2. They ignore great challenges of the environment and growing inequality; 3. ISDS gives absolutely unjustified and dangerous powers to investors vis-à-vis the state; 4. The entire process is not transparent, and this secrecy alone is reason enough to reject it; 5. Finally, the Obama administration has not presented one analysis of the cost and benefits with regard to jobs, different industries, income distribution, economic growth and trade.
International solidarity
600 US groups oppose Fast Track for TPPA

600 US organisations representing tens of millions of Americans released an open letter calling for a new model of trade and opposing Fast Track authority that would allow President Obama to expedite passage of the TPPA through Congress.
US Farmers Union opposes TPPA
UK TUC declares ‘outright opposition’ to TTIP (US-EU companion to TPPA)
US Centre for Economic & Policy Research assesses negative impact of NAFTA on Mexico
Naomi Klein's new book 'This Changes Everything' on climate change and capitalism, discusses international trade rules