It's Our Future NZ - TPPA Bulletin #53

It's Our Future NZ - TPPA Bulletin #54

25 August 2014


Why? The TPPA leaders are expected to meet during the next week. Obama said he wanted an outcome to present to the world. Kiwis need to say 'NO TO TPPA!!!' in even bigger numbers and more places than the massive mobilisation in March. More details in the next few bulletins.
If you want to be involved organising in your centre, contact Edward Miller.

Pre-election Auckland rally 30 August

Join It's Our Future at the ‘March against the Government” in Auckland, 30 August, 1pm, Aotea Square. Bring your placards and voices to tell the government: No TPPA  - No Way!

Share the poster at the top of this bulletin to get people along!
The US has a nuclear weapon for the TPPA

Imagine the US says to a NZ government: nah – that’s not what the TPPA means – this is what it means – and if you don’t change your laws to make that happen, forget about us ever bringing the agreement into force. The technical name for this blackmail is ‘certification’. It has most TPPA government terrified. A special website has the gory details about how it works, what’s being targeted, and how Peru was screwed, and more. Watch this space … 
More brilliant successes by the local government team

Christchurch City Council had voted to support the public interest policy on the TPPA, that was first passed by Auckland Council in December 2012 AND to recommend that Local Government New Zealand adopt it too. Watch the presentations on youtube. Then came Dunedin, followed by presentations at Clutha District Council, Invercargill City Council and Environment Southland to get the issues on their agenda. Great work Greg, Gen, Graeme, and the team. For more details see the website, Jane Kelsey’s blog, NZNO blog, and NZ Herald.
Dirty Politics and TPPA

Of course Dirty Politics exposed some dirty dealings on the TPPA! Go to page 97. A letter in February 2014 to Carrick Graham, PR man who ‘manages’ news and politics for big business, from a Washington based lobbyist. Forgive the length, but it is worth repeating the extract in full (especially if you still can’t get a copy of the book):
                … Here’s the situation. Ideally we’d like to find someone willing to author an oped that we could pitch for placement in a major newspaper. … I’m working on a campaign related to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. There is a TPP meeting in Singapore this week and a proposal has been [put] forward that would exclude tobacco from the TPP on the grounds that it’s ‘uniquely harmful’. The problem is that exemption would be applied to other industries and it’s fundamentally anti-free trade. If ratified, this proposal would mark the first time in modern history a specific industry was singled out [he forgets about armaments …] for special treatment in a trade deal. The author needs to have credibility (a scholar or economist type) on trade issues and – most important – be from a TPP country other than the United States.
                To minister work for the author we could write an initial draft, which the author could then edit however he/she wanted to make it their own. We could also handle pitching the newspapers as well. … In terms of compensation, I could pay you $1000 US for an introduction that results in someone agreeing to work with us on this project.

Ozzie Greens' Bill to ban ISDS 

The Australian Greens put up a private member’s bill to prevent Australia from entering any new treaties that contain investor-state dispute settlement. There was a huge groundswell of support in the hearings before the Senate select committee. The committee is due to report back on 27 August. See the opening statement by Pat Ranald to AFTINET’s submission. The government is expected to block the bill, but the Greens have made the point. Let’s see the NZ Greens do the same.
The Whole World’s Watching 

Moana Maniapoto has a great new video, the Whole World’s Watching, which opens with a clip of the Auckland march against the TPPA. Kia ora e wanine toa!
Next round - Hanoi 1-10 September 

The worst kept secret is out - there will be another (non)round in Vietnam in early September. Why do they bother with this secret squirrel stuff? The aim is to get as much of the remaining technical work out of the way on labour, investment, IP on health, SOEs, and whatever they can on agriculture. The goal is to have a meeting of ministers in October to make decisions, but Japan and the US are still stuck on agriculture. May they forever disagree … 
Australian Medical Association slams TPPA

The AMA has voiced fears the proposed trade deal is out of balance and advances commercial interests at the expense of patient health.
New video

See a new presentation by Jane Kelsey at the meeting on Democracy, Ethics and the Public Good, Wellington, 1 August 2014