Creative Ventures Newsletter
Volume 90, August 2013
July was hit the road again month with projects in Dallas, Park City, UT, Chicago and Minneapolis.  At Creative Ventures we focus strategic value in three core areas:

Presentations:  These are our platform multimedia, interactive programs that many of you know us for.  

Education:  These are our skill enhancement and training programs.  They focus on two core skill sets; thinking and communication.  We do offer all of our strategic platforms as educational / training programs.

Application:  These are our consulting services where we have the opportunity to apply our strategic ideas internally to help support existing strategies or to drive new directions for market expansions through our original ideas.

Every year the balance between these three core services shifts and changes.  In 2012 our presentation side of the business was dominate, while in 2013 the application side has held the leading position as we are involved in consulting projects ranging from client experience design to the development of internal training institutes, from the creation of IDEA FACTORIES that support the creation and development of internally generated ideas to the complete redesign of meeting processes and value add programs.


Consumers around the world are more aware of their choices than in any time in history.

The NEW Repeatable Successful Acts

A little over three years ago, we embarked upon the greatest challenge in our history, a two year study into the behavioral patterns of million dollar producers from five different industries.  We believed that no matter what was being sold, there were key patterns these superstar producers were following and that if you attacked the behaviors with a simple structure you could find their SHARED patterns of success.  We were RIGHT!  Repeatable Successful Acts (RSA) became the most successful strategic platform in our 27 year history and is part of the sales process and culture of many of our clients.  The impact has been “dazzling”.

At the time we also knew that these patterns were constantly moving, shifting and expanding.  In early 2012 we finished the first update to RSA adding two new industries to the database bringing the total to 7 different  markets, 175 producers and over 2,000 narrative responses in which these stellar producers shared how they approached their craft.  In early 2013 we added another key element as we were able to convince many of the RSA participants to allow us access to their top clients.  We now had the behaviors of the BUYERS!  When the behavior of a buyer and a producer collide, you have a SUPER RSA!
Here are a couple of SUPER RSA’s that should be part of your sales process:

CONNECTIVITY:  It makes no difference if you are selling a product, service or combination of each, clients want a unique and powerful connection.  The problem is what type of connection and how often?  With the advent of total and constant connectivity through everything from email to text messaging from blogging to streaming video the choices are seemingly endless. It’s not only about being connected it’s about the strategic leverage of those connections.  To attack this RSA you need to know and analyze your current client connection strategy and if you don’t have one you need to develop one NOW.  If  you are not strategically touching your clients, your competition will!  Think in terms of strong, not overwhelming.  Think about creative ways to let them know you care and are interested in them beyond the point of sale.
SIMPLIFY YOUR APPROACH:  It is no secret that simplicity is a driving strategic principle applied to everything we do, and buyers support our idea by raving about how the sales professionals they deal with “seem to make everything so simple.”  When a producer focuses on simplicity they feed the buyers desire and create an “effortless” relationship.  Take a CLOSE look at your sales process, is it easily understood?  My guess is NO.  I recently started a simplification process for a client around their sales process, not their products and services but the process that put their services and products in their clients hands.  Guess what?  They had trouble even sketching the process out and many were in disagreement with each other around the finished product.  Spend resources and value time to create an effortless experience.

The Repeatable Successful Acts platform is so powerful in sales cultures because it focuses on BEHAVIORS and creates a menu of choices that can be customized to fit any client.

Successful behavioral patterns provide a proven strategic pathway that can impact any sales organization!

THE EVER NEWER TV EXPERIENCE:  It’s time to get rid of your new HD, flat screen TV, because the newer HD, flat screen TV’s are here.  The Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) curvature screen TV’s are here, promising super saturated colors and ultra distinct blacks and whites.  The 55” TV’s are the width of three credit cards stacked together.  Produced by LG and available only at Best Buy these entertainment center pieces run a cool $5,000.  I know, just wait a while and they will sink to a reasonable price!


“BYE, BYE KID MEALS”:  Taco Bell has decided to get out of the kid meal with a toy market and focus their food strategy on the Millennial market.  Now the kid meal market for most fast food companies is huge with 1.2 billion sold every year and over $580 million spent on marketing to kids.  But with the ever increasing pressure of food groups to increase the nutritional value of kids meals and the need to get licensing rights to stuff a plastic Batman in the meal box, Taco Bell decided to create a more focused approach to their food strategy.


I’M NOT WINE-ING ABOUT THE HOTEL:  Hotels are fantastic at strategically looking for ways to differentiate themselves and impact your buying decision.  Of course there is always price, but now it looks like the increasing popularity of  wine might get you in the door.  Marriott, Sheraton, Sofitel, Hyatt and Kimpton are all using a new wine angle.  From wine clubs to vineyard tours, from tasting events to free wine hours, it looks like the fruit of the vine is becoming a core strategic player in their marketing efforts.  Wine is a top of mind product and by expanding the hotels footprint in this direction they hope you will sip and sleep with them!

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