A message from Tracey
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A Message from Tracey.....Very Exciting News in July of 2017 for Dance On It Studios

Dear Dance On It Family:  This is a bit of a long message but a very important one that I hope you will take the time to read all the way through.  
Dance On It Studio's past....               
8 years ago when I started the studio the Lord gave me a dream and in that dream I was climbing to the top of a pole and at the top of the pole was a small platform.  When I got to the platform the Lord told me I had to jump and although there was an apparatus that I could grab onto I realized that I was not strapped into any kind of safety apparatus thus had the risk of losing my life or at least getting badly hurt if I missed catching the bar.  When I started to question God, He told me to look down and as I did I saw every rung on the ladder leading up to the platform filled with people.  God told me that unless I was willing to take the risk and jump none of the people climbing could get to the platform.  Then I jumped and woke up immediately.  I felt that God was saying that by stepping out and starting  Dance On It Studios I was building a platform for people to launch into the passions and dreams that He had placed in their hearts.  I also felt that he was showing me that  I was building something that would someday be handed over to someone else.  God has brought incredible staff, students and parents to our school and joined us together as a fabulous community. Emma Gillespie,  Sekel Pollok and Jamesa Ensing both started as Class Assistants and are now teaching classes of their own.  Katrina has grown and matured as a teacher and this September took over the Artistic Director Role and Charlotte has been invaluable to us in the area of administration and spiritual leadership.  God has continued to provide year after year qualified and passionate teachers to the point that we now have a rich staff of twelve.
Dance On It Studio's present....
In November of 2015 I felt like God was leading me in new directions and He began prompting me to prepare to release the ownership of the studio.  I felt that He wanted to take the studio to places that I did not have the ability to take it.  After much prayer I felt that Charlotte and Katrina were to be the new leaders of Dance On It but after much discussion it apparent it was just not the right timing for them to do so.  This past November 2016 Charlotte, Katrina and myself met again and things were right so the agreement was made that the school will be officially owned and run by them as of July 1st, 2017.
Dance On It Studio's bright future.....
We are extremely excited about what this is going to mean for the community and I anticipate great things for Katrina and Charlotte,  as teaching and leading Dance On It  truly has been such a beautiful part of my life.   I have total confidence that as Charlotte and Katrina continue to follow the Lord’s lead the studio will continue to develop and grow into all the God has planned for it. 
I will be helping out with the running of the business for the first few months during the transition and am retaining ownership of Fit 4 It so will still be around.   If you have any questions or concerns about this transition please feel free to chat with me or Katrina and Charlotte and we would be more than happy to chat with you.
Love and Blessings,

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