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We Can Create 2012

On 27th October I’ll be speaking at the We Can Create Conference in Auckland. I’ve chosen ‘Exit pursued by a bear’ as the title of my talk. It’s a stage direction from Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale and is going to serve as a metaphor for the mixed blessings of having to produce creative work to deadline. It’s also a gratuitous excuse to talk about bears. My talk will be peppered with images of my own work, both commissioned and self-initiated, along with some recent collaborations. I hope to see some of you there. They have just slashed the ticket price by half, so go and get one now.
What has its head at one end & its mouth at t’other?

Why, a river of course. After nearly a year in Europe I have just returned to New Zealand and I now live right near the mouth of a big river. At high tide I live by the sea—the waves lap my front steps—and at low tide I live on a riverbank. This is the view from my desk at high tide.
Distracting? Yes, er, somewhat.

I rummaged in my storage unit instead of going out

and I found a small forgotten stash of my “i did this instead of going out” poster. You can buy one at the wonderful endemicworld, but be quick, there are not many left.

Messing around with my 5-pointed automatic pen

There’s actually nothing automatic about it.
I had to do all the work.

... and here's a close-up for you:


I designed the cover of a book of designers’ sketchbooks for Laurence King Publishers in London this year, under the art directorship of Angus Hyland of Pentagram. My first attempt (below, unfinished) didn’t make the cut. I was really proud of it, but for a book that was essentially about behind-the-scenes working drawings and roughs, it was just a little, overwrought. So I’ve filched it for my own projects
(you’ve already seen an incarnation of it in the ‘Exit, pursued by a bear’ type above).

This is my second attempt, and the resulting book cover (front, back and spine):

The World Animal Project (continued)

It’s been a slow month for World Animal for me due to other distractions. But I did find this rather lovely bushbaby
(that’s an agile long-tailed nocturnal African lemur with dense woolly fur and large eyes and ears, for those who don’t know). I’ve had some great submissions from some of you, too many to show here. But this little baby black bear from Janet Green deserved a special mention (bottom).

A little something you can do for me...

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Until next time, love from Sarah xx

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