Earlier this year I attended a letterpress printing course at the St Bride’s Print Workshop in London. I wanted to draw a complete pineapple for this well-known malapropism, but I ran out of time so I had to settle for just one pineapple ring.

My comeback

I’ve just completed a huge typographic installation in the central dome of the Sarjeant Gallery, in Whanganui, New Zealand. It’s the largest-scale I've ever worked to. I painted an eight-letter word, ‘comeback’ straight onto the wall, with the letters reaching nearly 1.2 metres in height. My arm hurts a bit. It will be on show until the end of March 2013. If you’d like to know a bit more about it, you can read an interview between me and the curator Greg Donson here.

The original drawing.
The work in progress.
Nearing completion.
New merchandise

In the spaces in between, I’ve been working on a new range of stationery to be launched in early 2013. (You will hear about it here first, keep your eyes peeled.) The first offering will be a range of New Zealand native birds as greeting cards, printed on beautiful uncoated paper stock with matching patterned envelopes. Here’s a sneaky preview.

The World Animal Project  (continued)

Here are our latest World Animal offerings. (
The World Animal Project is the practice of looking for chance representations of animals in our day-to-day lives.) Guess what these are. Answers are at the bottom.
Top: An iguanadon hitching a lift. Bottom: a dolphin at the front door
Merry Christmas all. Don’t overdo it. Here’s a picture of three capital Hs chucking snowballs. There’s no snow where I am, I’m off to the beach. See you in the New Year.
(Card produced for the wonderful Gecko & Co)

xxx Love, Sarah


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