December 2015 Needlepoint News
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December and another year in the books.  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family.  Lots of fun things planned in December with family and friends.  It is a favorite time of year.  

I am grateful to my friends for fun, laughter, advice and inspiration.  I am thankful for the family gatherings - the family is growing!

I think back on the year that is marked by needlepoint projects. They have the memories of the days stitched into them.  It is the zen of the doing that is so enjoyable...  and we get to keep all the thoughts and laughter stitched into the finished project.

Next year, there will be new things, new ideas, new techniques.
The 2016 monthly free stitchguide project is called "Gosh Darn!".  

Merry Christmas to all! 


Stitchers make the best friends.

December and the final step of adding the Swarovski crystals!  Thank you to Linda W for the stitching!  Thank you to all that have enjoyed this monthly project.  

December stitchguide can be located here:
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Mark your own canvas with the instructions or purchase one ready to go here:

Flip Flops with Red Jewels
for Teal Sachet

 18 count,   5 in x 5 in $32
Jewels included.
See more new sachet designs for last minute Christmas gifts here:
Cherry in Burgundy Sachet 
This lavender sachet is the perfect gift!  A quick stitch and self-finishing.  The sachet is 5 x 5 inch and complete with fragrant lavender. Stitch the design, some background, trim and insert.  18 count $31
Gingerbread Cookies
from Pioneer Woman
A family tradition is Cookie Day and I make gingerbread cookies from scratch.  I like them chewy with lots of spice with no icing... perfect with coffee!  Pioneer Woman decorates these beautifully!


Always one of my favorites for the season.
13 count
6 in x 6 in

Apachecat -
Look into my eyes!

She just can't wait for Santa to bring her treats!
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