March 2016 Needlepoint News
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Blue Dogwood Designs

A word about my Lavender Sachets.  This unique sachet design is my own.  It is filled with fragrant lavender.  You stitch the small canvas, trim and insert into the "window opening".  Done!! 
I have sachets that are just the canvas and sachet.  

There are also kits that include a stitchguide and 3 River Silks ribbon spools. They are designed to be easy and quick for even a novice ribbon stitcher. These kits can be purchased from your local needlepoint store or on my website.

"Gosh, Darn!!" in March is first time to use Vicki Day Designs hand-dyed silk ribbons.  The stitchguide has tips for locking-starting-stopping with silk ribbon to use every inch.  An inch here, an inch there saves lots!  Never throw shorter bits away.

Draw your own or order on my website here: 

The ribbons are so new that most shops do not carry them.  Peacock Alley Needlepoint in Ada, MI, has the entire kit.  Contact them and say Gosh Darn!! sign me up!

Now the year feels like we are underway. I was gone for 10 days and I came back to find Spring! So lovely in Seattle!  I couldn't be more excited about 2016! 


Stitchers make the best friends.

Gosh, Darn!!
March and the first look at Vicki Day Designs silk ribbon.  Be sure to follow the tips in the stitchguide.

Order a line drawn canvas here:
Bamboo Sachet River Silks Kit
Easy to Stitch!! Self-Finish

Sachet is filled with lavender, 5 in x 5 in $50
Kit includes 3 River Silks ribbons and stitchguide.
Stitch the small canvas on 18 ct, trim, slip into sachet (easy) and enjoy!
Purchase at your LNS or here:
Croton Plant 
The companion piece to Philodendron.  
13 count 7 in x 8 in  $42
Stitchguide and kit can be purchased with River Silks ribbons. 12 colors, some overdyed just like the real Croton plant. Kit includes canvas, 14 ribbons, stitchguide $110.10

No Bake Peanut Butter Bars
from Pioneer Woman
Serious!  Do I have to share?!!!
Lilac Bloom Sachet silk ribbon kit

EASY!  These silk ribbons kits have a stitchguide and they are designed to be easy and quick.  Have no fear!  Not random!  This looks complex but it is woven stitch with a French Knot in the space.  The kits come with 3 River Silks silk ribbon spools, the full sachet, self finishing.  You can purchase at your local needlepoint store or here:  $50
Apachecat -
We love her!

Apachecat will run to the back door when she hears the shake of the treat bag.

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