Letter From the Secretary - New Website

Michael Klonowski - Secretary, USQRA

The USQRA is making strides to improve its ability to communicate with its membership, to reach out to the community and to attract sponsors, donors and volunteers to support the growth of our league. The USQRA, recently, has improved its presence on social media. It has hired a Public Relations Specialist. It has also created a plan to modernize its website. We hope that the first two aspects of our plan to promote our league have been quite noticeable, as we have increased the amount of content we post and we have increased the number of followers, significantly, on all social media platforms. The last component has just recently been revealed to the league, as we have released a new, interim website during the past week.This website was produced with the intent of creating a temporary, aesthetically pleasing, and more functional platform to support the league and its growth. It is our hope that we have been successful with our efforts. 

The need for a new website has been a paramount issue in discussions about the state of the USQRA. The most recent USQRA website was over a decade old. It was not meeting the needs of the membership. It was difficult to navigate, and when members or interested parties were looking for more information, they were led down a convoluted path - leaving many individuals frustrated. The design of the website left us without the ability to modify content easily and left the league looking woefully out of touch with our current league and unattractive to our sponsors.

Over the summer, the USQRA Board of Directors decided to implement a plan to address the concerns about the website. First, the Board would create a low-cost temporary website to take the place of the current website. It would then raise funds, with support of the new website and newly generated social media attention to pay for a new website. Finally, the Board would seek out internal and external advice as it creates a full-fledged reboot of our USQRA website. 

We hope that the interim website is perceived as an upgrade over our previous site. It is now much easier to look for the information you need (scores, helpful documents, contact information for RACs and Board Members) on the website. It is also less challenging for donors, sponsors and volunteers to reach out to the league to support our league's growth. We understand that we may not have met all of the needs for the league with this website. It was inevitable and expected. However, we would love to receive your feedback, as to how we can improve the interim website and the future website for the league. Please send that feedback to the Secretary. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the interim website as a positive sign of change for the USQRA. 

USQRA Top 30 Rankings
Competition Committee

1 University of Arizona Wildcats 16 High Fives' Storm
2 Ability360 Phoenix Heat 17 Midwest Adaptive Sports Revolution
3 Denver Harlequins 18 DASA St. Louis Spartans
4 Texas Stampede 19 Philadelphia Magee Eagles
5 Lakeshore Demolition 20 Seattle Slam
6 TIRR Memorial Hermann Texans 21 Detroit WRC
7 Tampa Generals 22 Northeast Passage Wildcats
8 Sharp Edge 23 Chicago Bears
9 CKRI Minnesota WRC 24 Ohio Buckeye Blitz
10 Medstar NRH Punishers 25 Boise Bombers
11 Shepherd Smash 26 EWAF New York Warriors
12 Northridge Knights 27 Northern Virginia Mutiny
13 Nor-Cal Quake 28 Portland Pounders
14 Oscar Mike Militia 29 Grand Rapids Thunder
15 Brooks Bandits 30 Raleigh Sidewinders

2018-19 International Players and Transfers

International Players

Denver - Sebastian Fredericksen
Lakeshore - Yukinobu Ike
DC - Matt Debly
NEP - Tomoshige Kabetani
Northridge - Rene Rerensz
PHX - Shin Shimakawa
Seattle - Andrew Davis
Sharp - Travis Murao
Tampa - Kazuhiko Kanno
Texas - Julio Braz
TIRR - Shayne Smith
U of A - Daisuke Ikezaki

League Transfers

Player Name Old Team New Team
Andre Lampkin TEAM RISE - Dallas Texas Stampede
Brett Smith Connecticut Jammers Oscar Mike
Chris Hull Chicago Bears Oscar Mike
Chuck Aoki Minnesota Wheelchair Rugby Club Denver Harlequins
CJ Brown University of Arizona Wildcats Phoenix Ability360 Heat
Cody Kingland Tampa Generals Brooks Bandits
David Jenkins Carolina Crash Brooks Bandits
Gabe Nyrkkanen University of Arizona Wildcats Denver Harlequins
Joel Rodriguez Tampa Generals Oscar Mike
Jonathan Campbell MedStar NRH Punishers Northern Virginia Mutiny
Josh O'Neill Tampa Generals Denver Harlequins
Joshua Burch Northern Virginia Mutiny Oscar Mike
Kevin Crombie MedStar NRH Punishers Northern Virginia Mutiny
Larry Doiron   Texas Stampede
Larry Porter Brooks Bandits Oscar Mike
Levi Bohon Boise Bombers Sacramento Storm
Mason Symons Texas Stampede Oscar Mike
Mike Luckett Denver Harlequins Oscar Mike
Rob Deller Shepherd Smash TIRR Texans
Rob Schuler Denver Harlequins Oscar Mike
Ryan Lindstrom Tampa Generals Oscar Mike
Scrap Smith San Diego Sharp Phoenix Ability360 Heat
Sean Kent Chicago Bears Kansas City Revolution
Sua Tui Tampa Generals Oscar Mike
Thomas Cloyd Minnesota Wheelchair Rugby Club Nor-Cal Quakes
Tim Vixay Portland Pounders Oscar Mike

Thanks to our Sponsors!

The USQRA is thankful to have the support of an organization like FUSION MEDICAL. Their sponsorship helps us support the league for our intense and competitive sport, while helping us develop teams and programs.
"Our experts will work directly with your doctor and insurance company to make sure you get everything you need, on time, every month. Fusion is your one-stop source for the latest in standard and specialized wheelchairs, catheters, wheelchair cushions, adaptive sports equipment, hand cycles, shower chairs…you name it! Not only will we help you choose the right products, we’ll also send you some free samples.  Fusion Medical has been proudly accredited through the Joint Commission since 2009 and strives to be the best in customer support and satisfaction."
We also thank Melrose WheelchairsABC Medical, Eagle Sportschairs and Lone Star Paralysis Foundation for their continued support of the USQRA


Need Referees? Contact your Referee RACs - 
RACs are as follows:
Pacific - Kelli Kaliszewski 
Mountain - Andy Miller
Heartland - Kristin Little 
Atlantic North - Bob Lopez 
Atlantic South - Matt Smith


Interested in hosting a clinic? For more information on how to host a player, referee or classifier clinic please contact the 1st Vice President.


Classification Information - Want to host a classification panel? Want to protest a classification?

Please email Head of Classification - Phyllis Palma 

USQRA Board of Directors

About the USQRA 

The United States Quad Rugby Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit which provides oversight, development and administration to the sport of wheelchair rugby across the United States. Since 1988 the USQRA has been promoting and supporting wheelchair rugby to provide competitive athletic opportunities to eligible people with disabilities and also to empower people to reach their full potential in all areas of life. The USQRA features 45 teams with more than 500 athletes across the country. For more information, please visit our website.
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