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That is my question for the week.

I have witnessed many strange things over the years but none that have filled me with such dread as the antics of everyday folk during the easing of lockdown.

I thought things were crazy at the beginning of lockdown with people buying tonnes of toilet rolls, more than they could possibly use in a single lifetime. But no, the human race continues to astonish and amaze with post-lockdown madness. Yes there have been fights, riots, stories in the news of all sorts of unrest, but I am talking about more local, everyday things.

Since people have been allowed out again I have seen hordes scrambling to get the best spot on Newhaven beach, in numbers never before seen. I have witnessed a sudden surge in traffic, with people driving like they have blues and twos on their cars. I have seen people raving about pubs opening again, like it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

But all of that pails in comparison to one single individual i saw when dropping my son at nursery. Once again i doff my hat to the "White Van Man" for stepping up and out crazing the crazies. I observed this paragon of the art pull up at a junction, something seemed odd to me so i looked up from blowing raspberries (a particular favourite of mine and My son's), to see the driver of an old white van, driving with one hand. So what? Many of us take a hand off the steering wheel from time to time. The scary thing was, he was driving a manual van, with his left hand only, because in his right hand was a white porcelain coffee mug (the sort you see in cafes), so he was letting go of the steering wheel to change gear, then when he pulled away he swerved quite wide in the road. SERIOUSLY!

If I hadn't been so surprised I would have noted the licence number. I just hope he finished his coffee before anything serious happened.

I have no idea whether this incident was related to lockdown release fever, (my phrase i coined it), but it did bring home to me how people seem to have lost many of their inhibitions following the extended period of isolation and i guess my worry is, how far will this sudden freedom push people?

Like many things only time will tell but i for one am being way more careful when out and about these days and i encourage you to do the same.

Have a careful but joyful week.

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