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At The Level on Sunday, just after worship, a lady beckoned me over, she asked whether there was any way her son could TRY communion. She explained he did not go to church, wasn't really religious but wanted to see what it was like. I immediately said yes, took the young man to the altar and served him. He thanked me and went on his way. All good.

It got me thinking, when did communion become something you have to ask permission for? Clearly the lady in question was expecting a no, but why? 

It seems to me that Christian Organisations have made it that way. Many of them project a sort of "if your name isn't down you aren't coming in" image. It briefly reminded me of the Hale and Pace sketches about "The Management", two smartly dressed bouncers preventing entry. I have been at churches where Communion (amongst other things) is reserved for members only. To me that seems crazy, after all Jesus did not prevent anyone from joining him, from walking with him and when it comes to communion he offered it to everyone at the table, even someone who he knew was going to stab him in the back. So, how is it that some places refuse it to people who are seeking, or curious, or just away from their home worship space?

Somewhere along the line being a Christian went from being fully inclusive, open to all, TO sign up here. It seems to have changed from a fully open expression of God's love for all, to a private club that only certain people are allowed into. Many places insist you are Baptised, or a regular church goer or a fully signed up member, the worst sort of spiritual gate-keeping. Who are we to decide who should be welcome at Christ's table? Perhaps it is arrogance or pride that causes this, wanting to be set apart from others, special. All it really does is prevent people from getting closer to God.

This young lad is a reminder that, to be Christian all we need to do is follow Christ. I truly believe it is that simple (and that hard). I don't believe you need to subscribe to a particular theology, recite and promote a particular creed, sign up to anything, you just need to follow the example of Jesus Christ. He was the true model of being a whole, complete and loving being.

Imagine if all Christians fully embraced being like Christ?

Have a truly blessed, Christ-filled and safe week

This year's AGM will be held on
Saturday 24th of October, starting at 6pm,
online at
and also at the Level,
near to our usual worship space.

All are welcome to join us, but only members will have a vote.

There are 2 positions available,
one on the Board, which will last for 2 years, and one as Lay Delegate for 3 years.
For further information, please contact Andrew or Philip.
Nominations will be supported by a second Church Member
and there will be an opportunity to question the candidates before voting.
Don't forget...the clocks go BACK early on Sunday morning,
which means you get an EXTRA hour in bed on Saturday night!

TUESDAYS, from 7pm-8.30pm
Our online discussion group,
Bible Cafe - Take away,
from 6.50pm onward
if you wish to take part.

Worship planning
from 2.30pm, all are welcome.
The next scheduled meetings are on the
15th and 29th of October.
Check our diary HERE to look further ahead.
NB- this Thursday's meeting starts at 3pm

SUNDAYS, from 5pm-6pm
Our friendly and welcoming worship service happens in the Level, between the play-area and the Level Cafe, every week. It will continue to be broadcast live at
from 4.50pm. A recording of this service will then be posted on Youtube by Tuesday evening, watch out for the link on our Facebook page.

Pastoral care and Spiritual Counselling is still available. Please call, text or Whatsapp our Pastor Andrew Ramage on 07905 537618.

You can also email any prayer requests to

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