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Many things this week have been pointing me towards connection, not least the request that i say a few words at the wake of a member of the Street Community. In the past we have discussed connection to God, i remember a particular sermon with the WiFi image and talk about how to strengthen "the signal" and connection to others through community, but this week the meaning of connection has taken on a new look for me.

The picture shown above is from the Film Avatar (awesome movie) and shows my view of connection. In the picture all of the Na'vi (the indigenous people of this planet) join together to "upload" their memories into a tree. Each one of them is not only connected with their community, but also with the tree through its roots. This is part of the wider concept of them being connected with their planet in very real, very intimate ways. They can "plug into" animals as well. 

So where am i going with all this? It is just a film. 

That is true, it is just a well-made movie, but it really speaks to how being fully connected to our environment and each other can make things better for us and for our world. That is a message that we all need to hear and take on board these days. If we were that connected, then perhaps the world would not be in such a bad state, facing the possibility of being smothered under the pile of crap we have heaped on it.

We have stewardship of this world and all that lives on it, surely it is time we accepted that and stepped up to fully embrace that responsibility, instead of ignoring the signs and putting our own wants ahead of the global needs. We may not be able to link in to the planet, as they do in Avatar, but we could at least listen to the warnings, acknowledge the damage we are doing and work harder to repair our relationship with this beautiful planet we call home.

If we don't, then ultimately, we will all become homeless and i cannot even begin to imagine what that would look like. 

Have a truly blessed and thoughtful week


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