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Every time the news comes on, or a report comes in, i keep hearing the mantra "Don;t get confused, get confused dot com". If only we had one of those for the current situation. A single point of contact that contained the facts, the truth, the overall picture. Something that we could click on and just get some straight answers.

My current understanding is that things are different depending on where you are, where you are going or where you are coming from. That things change rapidly I understand, what i don't get is the differences, just within our own small corner of the world. Maybe I will never get the whole picture.

One thing i do know is that there are many shops sporting the new "Masks are mandatory" signs, threatening all sorts of dire consequences if you don't wear one. Seems fair enough, alongside the new TV campaign, "hands, face, space" it seems we are getting a handle on the situation. Hooray! Then I go into a local shop, mask on, only to find that there are four other customers in there not wearing masks, then i get to the till, no mask on the staff member either. Aargh!

Once again i am baffled by some people's willingness to put others at risk. These days the "I'm fine, never had a days illness in my life" reasoning doesn't cut it. It is about looking after others. Caring what happens to those around us. Not being selfish prats.

In a previous newsletter i said God had given us stewardship of this world, tasked us with caring for it, well that includes us, HUMANS. We are also tasked with caring for the people of this planet, not just looking after number one. That involves doing whatever we can to protect those around us, to avoid putting others at risk. This can be tricky at the moment, with the sheer weight of advice and information out there, but it is more important than ever. Let's be that calm presence in the world Jesus asked us to be. More importantly, let's encourage others to be the same, to think before doing something against the current advice, to consider the impact of our actions on others, not just ourselves.

Seems to me, that wearing a mask in a shop is a simple enough way to say "I care", and who knows, it might just save a life.

Have a truly blessed, happy and safe week


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