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Naughty or Nice?
This is a great picture. Can you imagine waking on Christmas day, rushing to open your presents and finding this inside? Every kids nightmare come true.

I have no idea where this idea of getting coal if you were naughty came from. After all, the legend of Santa started in a very cold, snowy place, where i would think that some coal would be very welcome, get a nice fire going, lovely. But then that goes to show how perspective and circumstances change things. One persons disappointing gift is another persons life saver.

I think that we often get so caught up in our own stuff, so focused on our own lives that we forget to see things from other perspectives. Or perhaps even realise there is another way to see things. A bit of Tunnel vision.

This Christmas I saw two very different sides to Christmas Eve.

On the one hand there was the incredible generosity of people during our clock-tower service, with one person giving us a large donation to help the homeless and a young man from Portslade bringing gift bags full of goodies that he had prepared. Incredible!

On the other hand, i had to carry three large heavy bags of goodies from my car in Churchill Square to the clock-tower (about 5 minutes or so walking). Clearly struggling under the weight of these bags (one was a Santa sack), people still pushed by me, expected me to step aside so they could use stairs first or just plain expected me to walk around them rather than step to the side. Irritating!

But then I thought. Those people may be really stressed, trying to get last minute gifts to make Christmas for their loved ones, or hurrying home to be with family, there could be any number of reasons for their apparent rudeness. Perspective.

Finally, i thought Does it really matter? After all, i got to the clock-tower in time, had a great evening, met some incredible people and it really felt like Christmas. Circumstances.

So, no it didn't really matter and I sincerely hope each and everyone of those people had a Happy Christmas. Coming into the new year I hope we can all try to see things from other than our own perspective or circumstances. Who knows, we might just change the world.

Have a truly blessed week.



O Come All Ye Revolting

On Sunday the 22nd of December we celebrated both Advent 4 and Christmas Day in the arrival of The Rebel Jesus. Instead of the usual sermon though we had MCC Brighton's version of the traditional Carol Service! To listen to our other sermons, click here for our Youtube channel. Christmas day did not go quite to plan, being that it consisted of sleeping all day, interspersed with cups of hot honey/lemon that despite my best imagination did not taste as good as mulled wine or cider! Not quite revolting, but not a turkey dinner either. :-(

But...revolting IS what we are called to be! Not in the sense of being disgusting, but in the rebellious sense- to rise up, to show resistance. Resistance to the status quo, resistance to that "I'm alright, Jack" attitude that too many Christians have.

Jesus said "Whatever you did for one of the least of these, my family, you did for me".  In the run-up to the recent elections I saw a number of memes that encouraged a similar thought process, asking electors not only to think of how proposed policies would affect themselves, but also how they would affect the most vulnerable. To think of those who don't always have a voice and to speak up for them, not to just keep quiet.

Are you revolting?

Blessings and love,

Heavenly Creator, in a world which cares more for the needs of self than others, and is increasingly becoming more inward-looking and fractured, give us a heart for the vulnerable, the refugee, the forgotten, the lost; a heart that is based on yours, poured out for the needs of many and not for the comfort of a few.

Give us a heart which looks out and sees your beauty in all people, and welcomes them as a friend, as family.

Forgive us, Lord, challenge us, Lord, and most of all, change us, Lord.

In the many names of God we pray,

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Community Office Hours- Alcampo Lounge, London Road, 12pm until 5pm.  Andrew is away but Philip will be available for routine enquiries.
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