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It's time to grab your friends, we've got adventures waiting in distant lands...

The Black Milk Clothing x Adventure Time collection explodes onto the interwebs at 9am (AEST) Tuesday 12 November.

Some adventures call for only the bravest of heroes. Heroes with courage, a pure heart, a strong sword arm, and killer heels. that adventure. On Tuesday November 12 at 9am (AEST), at, we're releasing our long awaited Adventure Time collection. This collection has been in the making for over a year, and you are just gonna love it. I love it. And I can't wait to take you along on this adventure, with Finn and Jake and Lumpy Space Princess and Princess Bubblegum and Marceline and EVERYONE!

Sssoooo, you wanna see what lumping awesome gear you can grab?! Take a look at this:




That's amazing, right?! But there's even more.

Our Adventure Time collection is being released alongside our Christmas collection, so this is a great big list! In fact...I'm not 100% you're ready for it. It would take a true hero to conquer such a list. Are you that hero? ...Well, if you say so...

Clouds Cap Sleeve Swimsuit
The Gang Swimsuit
Adventure Time Friends GFT
Wolfpack Swimsuit 
BMO Dress 
BMO HWMF Leggings 
Candy Kingdom Swim 
Finn and Jake Leggings 
Finn Leggings 
Ice King and Gunter Dress 
Ice King and Gunter Swim 
Jake all over Swimsuit 
Jake Leggings 
Jake Swimsuit
Lumpy Space Princess Leggings
Lumpy Space Princess Shout Swimsuit
Lumpy Space Princess Smile Swimsuit 
Marceline Dress 
Princess Bubblegum HWMF Leggings 
Rocker Marceline Swimsuit 
Tree Trunks Leggings 
Tree Trunks GFT
Bro Hug GFT
Jake and Finn Rainbow GFT
Sunset GFT
Gunter BFT 
Rocker Marceline GFT 
Adventure Time Bro Ball Leggings
Adventure Time Bro Ball Reversible Skater Dress 
Adventure Time Montage Leggings 
BMO Scoop Skater Dress
Adventure Time Bro Ball Long Sleeve Dress
Jake Scoop Skater Dress
Lumpy Space Princess Reversible Skater Dress
Princess Bubblegum Scoop Skater Dress
Princess Bubblegum Rock GFT
Party God BFT

Minty Fresh Polar Bear Dress (48HR)
Snow Flake Leggings (48HR)
Cotton-Candy-Corn Skater Skirt (48HR)
Tentacular Purple Leggings (48HR)
Christmas Tree Reversible Skater Dress (48HR)
Ginger Bread Reversible Skater Dress (48HR)
Ginger Bread HWMF Leggings (48HR)
Terror from the Deep Swimsuit (48HR)
Tartan Barbie Leggings
Crazy Cat Lady Reversible Skater Dress
Crazy Cat Lady Leggings
Hot Boss Inferno Swimsuit
Hot Boss Inferno GFT
Jellyfish Rainbow GF Bomber
Jellyfish Rainbow BF Bomber
Birds In Paradise GF Bomber
Birds In Paradise BF Bomber
Hell Yeah BFT
Hell Yeah GFT
Bone Machine vs Galaxy Blue Inside Outside - LIMITED
Terror From the Deep GFT - LIMITED
Terror From the Deep BFT - LIMITED

Velvet Deep Blue Woodchucks
Velvet Mulled Wine Woodchucks
Mermaid Jellybean Leggings - LIMITED
Mermaid Reverse Dress - LIMITED
Mermaid Musk Leggings - LIMITED
The Reverse Dress
Burned Cheetah Maxi Skirt - LIMITED
Burned Cheetah Tee - LIMITED
Burned Cheetah Skater Skirt - LIMITED
Burned Zebra Tee - LIMITED
Burned Zebra Skater Skirt - LIMITED
Burned Velvet Maxi Skirt
Burned Velvet Tee
The Roth Skater Skirt - LIMITED
Purple Haze Leggings - LIMITED
Rainbow Bright 2.0 Leggings - LIMITED
Camo Pink Leggings - LIMITED
Woo Woo Reversible Skater Dress - LIMITED
Wet Look Red Leggings - LIMITED
The Mullet Crop
Drape Hoodie 2.0

BOOM! Congrats on getting through that monster of a list. You ARE a true hero! As your reward, I will give you CAAANDYYY from the CANDY KIIIINGDOOOM! Well, I would, but the Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, and Marceline ate it all at our photoshoot, sorry. See?

And by ate it I mean threw it at each other... If you wanna check out sneaky peeks of the entire collection, check out our nifty 3D collection by clicking the pic below :) Easy peasy, livin' breezy.

Lookin' good, right? Yeaaah. So consider this your official invitation...

Adventure Time & Christmas
When: 9am (AEST) Tuesday 12 November
What: Lumping awesome gear!
Who: Oh my glob, just like your best friends or whatever.
How: Using your hero skills. A credit card helps, too. And don't forget your ninja fingers.
Why: Because sometimes in life you just need to say "What the lump" and crash the party.

And if you're thinking of skipping this super cool release... Well that's just UNACCEPTABBLLLEEEEEEEE! So we'll see you there, okay?

x jL
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