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Some Articles that Caught the Audiences Attention

Some articles might be controversial while some might be rich with inspiring, innovative and motivation content, these few articles certainly caught the attention of the audience.

Hey🙂! We have not highlighted everything in this piece but everything and the continued latest can be found from our Blog page.

Our Latest Development for the Community

We’ve just launched the Zimbabwe Geoportal which is an open platform for the nation to openly share geospatial data and also contribute towards SDGs through open data sharing and capacity building.

This video demonstrates

  • the features on the Geoportal

  • how it works

  • where to find it

  • and how to contribute towards it

Exploring the Zimbabwe Geoportal

Opportunities for Youth

Publications and Editorial Team (JOIN US!)

We’ve have just re-opened our Volunteers Publication and Editorial Team opportunity again for the Second Cohort of the program.

In January we welcomed 10 volunteers who joined us for this program and are ready to set the ball rolling. You will know more about them in the next newsletters to come.

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Call for Articles & Community Stories

Our flagship magazine, The Spatial Times is scheduled to publish its 7th Issue in March of 2023.

Running under the theme: Emerging technologies and the Future the magazine will demonstrate some of the latest technology applications in the profession and the world of tech at large.

This will be a great fit and benefit to the community as you will have a broad and insightful chance listen to and experience what has been going on around the world.

Are you interested in contributing towards this upcoming issue? Access our Call for Submissions page to make your contribution and mark.

Not sure if your article or idea will be a good fit for the magazine? Hit us up via Email on or for any enquiries that you might have about this.

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