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African Surveyors Connect would not be where it is today without the support and sponsorship from KM-Spatial.

KM-Spatial is a geospatial and information technology consultancy company that is registered in Zimbabwe. They offer their services to various clients and since their existence, they have been focusing on students within and outside the geospatial profession.

<<First Name>> we wanted you to know that IF YOU NEED A WEBSITE for yourself, a company, or an organization, KM-Spatial can develop and work to meet your needs.

Their services start from as low as just $60 per year.

Kindly see the flier we have attached below.

They also create and develop customized web applications for businesses too. In Zimbabwe, they have launched the MySurveyor Web Platform which is the first digital platform for Geospatial Engineers in the country and it is still growing with a number of features being added each and every day.

By supporting our sponsor you would have made a great deal as the favor will be returned in also support us.

Please help keep African Surveyors Connect free. Get in touch with them for any website design and development that you might need.

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Phone: +263-71-870-810

Alternatively, click the button to email them for a free quotation.

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