From our Total Station to your tripod, we would like to celebrate Global Surveyors Day in 2022 with you.

The path to Global Surveyors’ Day began back in ancient Egypt when society first used surveying techniques to divide land. Throughout history, surveyors have remained the pioneers of discovery shaping our world to its current existence by exploring the unknown on earth and in space. Fast forward to 2013 when the signing of the Budapest declaration created a common worldwide celebration for those leaders, past and present.

10 Ways To Celebrate GSD2022

<<First Name>> we have come up with 10 methods on how you can celebrate Global Surveyors Day in your country and region. Some of these include;

  • learning about the FIG-Young Surveyors

  • Organize a debate on a surveying related topic or article with colleagues.

One such interesting article that you could debate about is titled: Land Surveying Will Be a Thing of the Past in 2050.

For the rest and more of these ideas, visit the official web article on our website.

ONE Special Way to Celebrate

African Surveyors Connect (We) will this year be launching the African Surveyors Gallery Book during the Global Surveyors Day celebrations. This initiative is aimed at creating a documented gallery both hard-copy and soft copy of Surveyors across the continent which will also fast track the recognition of young surveyors who are doing wonderful things across their various fields in which they work in.

Want to get involved? Get started by visiting this years Global Surveyors Day page and register through the form available.

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