Dear valued subscriber [<<First Name>>],

As a non-profit organization, we at African Surveyors Connect have always been committed to providing our subscribers with informative and engaging newsletters, free of charge. We have been able to do this through the use of MailChimp's Free plan, which has allowed us to reach over 10,000 subscribers every month.

However, we regret to inform you that MailChimp's recent announcement of a reduction in the monthly contact limit for their Free plan will significantly impact our ability to continue sending newsletters through their service. As a result, we will be changing to another service provider in the near future.

We understand that this news may cause concern for our subscribers, but we want to assure you that your data will not be shared with any unauthorized entities. We take data protection very seriously and will continue to prioritize your privacy as we transition to a new service provider.

We are committed to continuing to provide you with the same high-quality newsletters, and we will be exploring alternative service providers to find the best free plan option for our needs. We will update you on our progress and the transition process in the coming days.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the latest news and updates from African Surveyors Connect.

Best regards,