Celebrating This Special Day With You

<<First Name>> At African Surveyors Connect, we love breaking the Bias. Help us in commemorating this special day of the Girl Child.

Our time is now- our rights, our future💃

The internationally recognized day that emphasizes on empowering and amplifying the voices of girls world wide.
By world wide we mean even Geomaticians and Surveyor ladies are celebrated today 🤗.

African Surveyors Connect joins the rest of the world today in this global movement to celebrate the power of girls and highlight the barriers they face especially within the Geospatial Community. Girls have always contributed much to this profession in one way or the other and and in the fight against gender equality, we all need to notice them, recognize them and appreciate them. Some managed to go against all odds and break barriers of gender imbalance within their circles while some are still struggling to express themselves fully. As we celebrate our Geospatial Girls today, make it a point to hold a lady hand next to you and raise it higher 💓

Girls around the world continue to face challenges in school, work place, home and due to various circumstances but heyy *it's our time now!*

Rise up girl! We got you and we celebrate you today 😄