Between Sundays
April 3, 2014
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Annual Meeting this Sunday
From the Minister
Holy Week
Final Weeks of Lent
Giving Statements
Worship Services
Second Sundays
Easter Flower Memorials
Tuesday Recitals
From the Bench
Easter Eggs!
Community Action Committee
Boston Habitat
King's Chapel Habitat Build in Transylvania


Between Sundays is the weekly electronic publication of King's Chapel, Boston, MA. Its purpose is to inform members, friends, and subscribed visitors of events that occur between Sunday worship services.

2014 Proposed Budget
The Proposed Budget which will be voted on this Sunday at the Annual Meeting can be accessed HERE, on our website:

Annual Meeting this Sunday, April 6
Join us immediately following Morning Prayer, in the Church
Child care available at the Parish House
Help us Meet Our Quorum!
Vote on Budget, Slate for Wardens, Vestry, Committee Chairs:
Proposed Slate of Candidates
King’s Chapel, Spring 2014

Senior Warden: Clifford Allen 
Junior Warden: William Sears
Treasurer: Richard Weeks 

Vestry, Class of 2015:
Charles Perry (finishing term of Clifford Allen)
Kathe German
Cathleen Price
Hallie Speight

Vestry, Class of 2016:
Amy Meyer 
Todd Lee

Vestry, Class of 2017:
Paul Luca
Hugh Scott
Mindy Hinkel

Standing Committees and Chairs
Adult Religious Education: Betsy Peterson
Annual Appeal: Todd Lee and Karen Dalton 
Archives: William Kuttner 
Buildings and Grounds: John Bowman 
Chancel and Decoration: Louise Perkins, Paula Tranter
Church School: Mark Tranter 
Community Action: Amy Meyer 
Denominational & Ecumenical Affairs: Denton Crews 
Fiscal Affairs: Miguel Ibanez-Gomez 
Hospitality: Anne Sexton 
Membership: Ray Hardin 
Music: Mary Sears
Personnel and Ministerial: Charles Perry 
Parish Council: Chair Carolyn Russ 
Members-at-Large: Judy Luca & Julie Hyde

From the Minister: Annual Meeting Thanks & Votes
This Sunday April 6th we will say Thank You and Farewell to those who have served King’s Chapel so well, and will Vote on the Slate proposed to lead us into the next season of our life together.  Please join us, right after Morning Prayer, in the sanctuary.  
Our Warden for the past four years has been Dean Denniston, who has served with distinction.  As I stated in my Annual Report to the Congregation, Dean has been a particular blessing to me during this last year, as I became your minister.  He has met with me weekly, offering thoughtful and wise advice; has answered my questions patiently; and with me hardly noticing, has nudged and steered me in the direction he deemed best for all of you, the church. The Senior Warden’s job is hard – balancing the interests of many competing views; keeping our discussions focused; encouraging us to move forward but at a pace that allows for input from those interested; listening carefully, salving wounds, and making needed hard decisions. What I found most valuable has been Dean’s consistent central consideration:  what God seems to be calling King’s Chapel towards. Together he and I pray, seeking guidance. I’ve been greatly blessed.
On Sunday we also are thanking three Vestry members who have finished their terms.  Anne Sexton, our Head Usher, immediately greeted me upon my arrival, and has continued to offer me sage advice on many matters, from those of tradition and protocol, to insights about children and hospitality.  Patricia Boyd, as a life-long participant in churches, has shared numerous insights about our church – where we’ve been and what we can become.  Ty Muscat was instrumental in getting changes made to our website, which has brought us into the 21st century, and helped me understand our church school program, in which he has been very involved. 
Other posts turning over include that of Parish Council Member at Large and Chair of Adult Religious Education.  Kim Northrup faithfully served on the Council, always a warm and kind presence.  And Ciael Hills has been an energetic chair of Adult Religious Education, bringing to bear her background and training. During her tenure we offered many programs, including the February retreat which she led at Glastonbury Abbey.
A church is its members, and a church is led by volunteers who offer of themselves extensively.  This group – and all of those who volunteer in so many capacities – have led King’s Chapel through a challenging interim and then transition period, when the future was not clear.  But all stepped up to the plate, learned and listened, and marshaled the spirits and energies of the rest of us, so we are now in a stronger place. 
Words cannot express my gratitude, and I am sure, yours.  Please join me on Sunday to thank the outgoing lay leaders, and vote on those who have generously offered to serve in the next several years ahead.

Holy Week
Palm Sunday
Sunday, April 13, 11 a.m.
The joyful entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, with our children waving palms, and our choir singing Hosanna! 
Tuesday, April 15  10 a.m. – 4 p.m. 
One Year After the Marathon Bombing 
Our church will be open as a place of quiet sanctuary and prayer, with candles lit for all lives affected: all sinners and saints, all wounds healed or still raw.  Prayers may be written in special notebooks. At 2:46 p.m., the time of the first bomb blast, we will join with other churches in tolling our bells.
Maundy Thursday  
Thursday, April 17, 6 p.m.  
Foot washing and Communion
A service that re-enacts what took place that day in Jesus’ life:  he washed the feet of his followers, then offered them bread and wine at his Last Supper.  Foot washing will be available for anyone who chooses it; after having your feet washed, you may gently wash another person’s. Communion will be offered; as always, ours in an open table, so all are welcome --  skeptics and doubters, and well as believers -- because Jesus served all his disciples, though they would soon betray him.  At the end of the service, we clear the table, shrouding all in black because Jesus was arrested. We mourn that they soldiers have taken him away.
Good Friday Mid-Day Service
Friday, April 18, 12:15 p.m.  
A somber mid-day service for any nearby, where the full Passion Story is read:  the trial of Jesus, his last words and crucifixion. 
Good Friday Tenebrae Service
Friday, April 18, 8 p.m
An evening service, where the candles are slowly extinguished, as the story of Jesus’ betrayal, accusation, and death is told, in word and song, until we are left in darkness. (Tenebrae is Latin for shadows or darkness).  We leave the sanctuary in silence.
The Easter Vigil 
Saturday, April 19, 8 p.m. 
In the tradition of the ancient Orthodox Church, we begin in darkness, retelling the story of God’s love through all time for us small humans.  By Bible lessons and music, we gradually recognize that the Light of the World has dawn still in our lives. We witness a new baptism and are invited to renew our own baptismal vows.  We discover God’s presence with us still, not lost but resurrected!  Light fills the space and we can exclaim, “Christ is risen!  Christ is risen indeed!”
Easter Sunday
Sunday, April 20, 11 a.m.
A day of glorious majesty and power, we marvel that Love is never overcome, not even by hatred or death.  With remarkable music and lessons, in a sanctuary filled with flowers, we rejoice together in Christ’s resurrection.  And at the very end of the service, adults greet one another and children search for eggs.  The holiest day of our church year:  what could be better?  Alleluia, we all proclaim!

The Season of Lent at King's Chapel
Join us this Wendesday, April 9th for our final Lenten  Taizé service in the Little Chapel.
6 – 6:45 PM
é Service in the Little Chapel
 64 Beacon St
A quiet, contemplative, candle-lit service of lessons and song
developed by the Taiz
é community in France.
Music led by Heinrich Christensen and Choir Members
6:45 PM – 7:15
  Light Repast

A light meal provided by the Adult Religious Education Committee
time for fellowship and conversation
7:15 – 8:30
Book Discussion Group

Led by Rev. Joy Fallon
A Season of the Spirit: Readings for the Days of Lent
By Martin Smith

(some books will be available for purchase after Sunday Worship for $14; it also can be ordered through

"For me, the Taize music and services have been quiet and holy I replay the music and experience all week. and take it to the light repast and engaging book discussion  following the service It feeds me..  . I feel a deep connection to God and to our beloved community at King's Chapel .Come and join us!!!" ~Carol Genovese                                 

"The Taize music and service in community create foe me a holding environment for our spiritual journeys,  Sometimes the spirit leads me, sometimes it drives me and sometimes I push back. Ultimately the answer lies in the way all of these "movements" are reconciled.  "  ~Emanuel Genovese

“We are looking forward to the Taizé Services and reflection on the readings from “A Season for the Spirit”. We have actually written all the dates into our calendars (and rescheduled other engagements!) so that we can dedicate these six Wednesdays for our Lenten contemplation time, to open up our minds and hearts to an understanding of life and our place in it. We have experienced the simplicity and serenity of the Taize service and found it to be moving and meaningful. We look forward to doing this together and with our friends at King’s Chapel.”  ~ Dick and Cynthia Perkins

First Quarter Giving Statements are in the Mail
Thanks to all those who have participated in the 2014 Annual Appeal through pledges.  As you know, the congregation will be voting this Sunday, April 6th, on a budget that has been developed through a more transparent and collaborative process.  From Cliff Allen's work as chair of Fiscal Affairs to analyze how the church puts money to work in service of our missions last fall, to Todd Lee's leadership of the earlier Appeal kick-off, and through increased pledge participation, the budget our congregation will vote on this Sunday takes into account your in-put, your hopes for this church, and your generous giving.  

Earlier this week, the Parish House mailed out First Quarter giving statements to all those who pledged.  Please examine these statements for accuracy, and contact the Parish House offices with any questions or corrections.  

A wonderful way to conclude the season of Lent before we enter into the celebrations of Easter...  Thank you all!
Julina Rundberg
Parish Administrator

Worship Services

11:00 a.m. Morning Prayer with Holy Communion
The Rev. Joy Fallon, preacher
  • Charles Perry, lay reader
  • Dean Denniston, lector
  • Sudeep Agarwala, Lenten Reflection
  • Anne Sexton, head usher
  • Richard Weeks, usher-in-charge
  • Cliff Allen, Cathy Price and Anne Sexton, ushers
  • Bill Kuttner, Volunteer Guide
The lesson is John 11: 1, 3-6, 17-29, 32-38, 43-44.
12:15 p.m. Midweek Prayer
Stephen Courtney, preacher

6:00 p.m. Lenten Taizé at the Little Chapel with a light repast to follow
The Rev. Joy Fallon, preacher

Second Sundays: April 13
April 2014 Second Sunday Collection:
UU Service Committee

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) is a nonsectarian organization led by the Rev. Bill Schulz, which promotes human rights and social justice worldwide. UUSC currently sponsors grassroots collaborations on topics such as:  compassionate consumption, water and environmental rights, and civil liberties, in 15 different countries, including Haiti, where it has made a long-term commitment to sustainable recovery from the disastrous 2010 earthquake.

Easter Flower Memorials
We are now accepting contributions for lilies at the annual Easter Sunday Service.  If you would like to honor a loved one with a contribution, please send a check ($40 per Memorial Flower) no later than April 13th to:

ATTN: Parish Administrator
King's Chapel Parish House
64 Beacon Street, Boston MA 02108

Names of loved ones to be honored can be included with the check, or sent by email to:

Tuesday Recitals
Join us next Tuesday, April 8, for Cloud Ludum, lead by Anastasyia Dumma, performing Stockhausen, Bartok, and improvising. 

From the Bench
This Sunday, we continue our string of John 3:16 settings with a new composition dedicated to Heinrich and the King's Chapel Choir by local composer Karl Henning. You can hear more of Karl's music in the Tuesday recital on April 15. Our communion Mass by Orlando di Lasso dates back to the Renaissance. The offertory follows the same "something old, something new" concept. As in the last couple of weeks you will hear an ancient hymn, first in its 19th century version, then as reinvented, without any words, by William Duckworth in his 1980 Southern Harmony collection. This time around it is actually a familiar hymn, Rock of Ages. In place of our Taizé chant, this week we will sing William Billings' When Jesus Wept which works much in the same way as Taizé rounds, demonstrating that short sacred chants/rounds were written already at the time of the Revolutionary War. In addition, Heinrich will play organ works by Bach and Reger based on Psalm 130, as well as jazz pianist George Shearing's organ arrangement of our communion hymn, I Cone With Joy to Meet My Lord, a tune also known as Jerusalem, My Happy Home. 

From the Church School: Easter Eggs!
Please join us for our annual Easter Egg Hunt after Morning Prayer on Easter. Children will have a chance to hunt for eggs filled with candy and small prizes. Families are invited to bring their own baskets, but baskets will be provided for those who forget. I hope you can make it!
Rev. Fallon's sermons are now online! Click here to find downloadable PDFs of her sermons from January 2013 to present.

Fixing our Doorbell at the Parish House!
We are very pleased to share that the doorbell at the Parish House (which has been out of commission for some time) will be repaired over the weekend.  Because the doorbell is integrated with our phone system, this repair is part of a larger phone system and security upgrade.  

Please be advised that our phones at the Parish House may be out of service during the installation on Friday April 4th and Saturday April 5th.  Attempts to reach staff by e-mail may be more successful this weekend.  Thank you for your patience as we improve our building!

Community Action Committee
We are actively looking for new CAC members and friends, to increase our ability to offer cheerful service to community programs which serve the needs of our city. Please contact Amy Meyer (Tel. (617)523-3780; if interested.

Invitation to a Habitat for Humanity Boston Build
In 2012 King's Chapel invited First Church Boston to build with us. Their participants helped complete our team. This year First Church Boston has invited King's Chapel to build with them on Saturday, June 28. The build will be in either Roxbury or Roslindale, to be determined shortly before the event by HFH Boston. The build will be from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. All abilities are welcome. If you are interested, please contact Peter Sexton at or 781 383-9028.

King's Chapel
Habitat Build in Transylvania

Final Call for Registration!

Registration will close on April 7 for the King's Chapel Habitat for Humanity build in Cluj, Romania (Kolozsvar, Transylvania) and partner church visits. We need a minimum of 2 additional participants to proceed. If not, this activity will be cancelled. Stipends may be available for church youths (minimum age 16-maximum age 25).

Partner churches that will be visited are First Unitarian, Kolozsvar (partner King's Chapel),  Second Unitarian, Kolozsvar (partner First Church, Boston), Torda (partner First Parish, Weston), and Torocko (partner Unitarian Society Wellesley Hills). If members from churches not listed join then every effort will be made to establish contact and visits at the appropriate partner churches..

This is the third time for this activity. Previous builds were in 2008 and 2011. The 2011 activity was a joint effort with First Church, Boston. These builds received very favorable review with the participants and our Transylvanian partners.

This year's build/visits will be held July 4-20 or July 11-27 (The exact dates will be established by March 31). For full information contact Peter Sexton, email:, phone 781-383-9028.
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