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May 15, 2014
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Pet Blessing
From the Minister
Annual Appeal
Boston Pride Parade
Hearing Assists
Worship Services
Tuesday Recitals
From the Bench
Habitat Boston Build

Between Sundays is the weekly electronic publication of King's Chapel, Boston, MA. Its purpose is to inform members, friends, and subscribed visitors of events that occur between Sunday worship services.

Pet Blessing--Sunday May 18th
Sunday, May 18, in the Parish House Garden, 9:45 AM
Blessing of the Animals
All Animals are Welcome! 

Bring your pet, pictures of your pet, or your favorite stuffed animal.
On Sunday May 18th, we will host our annual Pet Blessing in the Parish House garden, as part of our Family Service, from 9:45 - 10:30 a.m. In the past, this has been a great time to introduce people to the church:  we've had pets from the neighborhood; and grandchildren and friends join us. Last year Joy blessed a little garden snail as well as fluffy dogs, a guinea pig, and a small stuffed animal. Feel free to enter the garden directly from Branch Street, behind the Parish House at 64 Beacon St.  There is plenty of time to attend the Pet Blessing and then join us for Morning Prayer, too, if you'd like. Come one, come all -- we all can use an extra blessing!

From the Minister
Have you ever held things against someone? The mean, cruel things they did.  The things too hard to forget.
Who doesn’t? 
But once there was a man named Stephen who didn’t. This week I’m wondering how that happened….how it could happen again, in your life or mine?
What would that be like? To be like Stephen and say, “Do not hold this against them” (Acts 7:59-60)

This Sunday
The Choir this Sunday will sing from Sting’s stunning piece, “Fragile,” performed memorably the night of 9/11. Its call for non-violence will echo through our service. 

Hearing Assists
We’ve resurrected the Hearing Assist Devices!  Many of us have trouble hearing in our sanctuary, which does not have amplification.  Small hearing devices are available at the back of the church, near the Civil War Memorial (immediately beyond the Vestibule, on the right, just as you enter the sanctuary). An usher also will be happy to provide one, and explain how they work.  Last Sunday we started a new campaign, to be sure we keep the batteries charged, and ensure that the minister wears the small microphone on her robe.  
Please try them, and let us know whether they work for you.  We want your feedback (no pun intended….).  For any questions, please speak to Junior Warden Bill Sears, Head Usher Anne Sexton, or to any of the ushers on duty.

Appeal Contributions: Strong Momentum
You have already made Pledging history this year.  You responded to our Beginning of the 2014 Year Pledge drive more strongly than ever before - $130,000 from 71 pledges to date.  That’s already 3 times the previous year’s pledging total, and is a validation of the on-going developments at King’s Chapel! 
Pledging is a good thing.  But even better is actually contributing, of course. And that is also breaking the records of recent history.  So far, 52 of us (74%) have begun fulfilling our pledges. 19 pledges have already been completed.
We doubt there is anyone among us who does not understand that you do not have to have pledged as a pre-condition of contributing.  Indeed our non-pledging Members are also being heard from with their early contributions.  Thank you.
The third component of what the Annual Appeal receives every year – unsolicited gifts from non-members – has also begun.  You may remember that last year, as generally in the past, one-third to one-quarter of what we receive comes from this category (2013 - $43,000).  It is reassuring to see this occurring again, although we do not expect to see much of it until nearer the end of the year.
Timing: as a congregation, we have had a habit of waiting until near the end of the church’s fiscal year to begin our giving in earnest.  It is encouraging that the old trend is beginning to be reversed.  Unusual for this time of the giving year, the Annual Appeal has already received almost half (47%) of this year’s budgeted Member’s share of $129,000.  That’s fantastic, and bodes well!
However…before the summer, each of us needs to keep the momentum going with our own contributions, please.  What has been given is already more than a third of our total Appeal goal of $170,000.  Through April, the Annual Appeal was able to bank more than $60,000.  We are well and truly on our way to a successful Appeal year.  We might even break through the goal.  Thank you so very much.
Todd  Lee and Karen C. C. Dalton
Co-chairs, 2014 Annual Appeal

Boston Pride Parade
Boston Pride Parade:  Saturday, June 14, 2014 (Approx. 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.)
Mark your calendar! KC will field its fifth annual team of walkers in this joyful celebration of diversity and inclusion in the city of Boston. This is an easy walk and some meaningful fun and fellowship. Visit the Boston Pride website ( or contact KC team champion, Gregg Sorensen ( for more information, or to sign up. 

Worship Services

11:00 a.m. Morning Prayer 
The Rev. Joy Fallon, preacher
  • Lee Glenn, Lay Reader
  • Pat Bass, Lector
  • Anne Sexton, Head Usher
  • Sylvia Soderberg, usher-in-charge
  • Karen Dalton, Todd Lee and Betsy Peterson, ushers
  • Heather Holland, Brian Church, Hannah McMeans, soloists
  • Barbara Faye, social hour
The lesson is Acts 7:51-8:3.

12:15 p.m. Midweek Prayer
with Holy Communion

Tuesday Recitals
Join us next Tuesday, May 20, as Pentimento, consisting of Eric Haas on recorder/traverso and Olav Chris Henriksen on the lute/theorbo perform early American music.

From the Bench
This Sunday marks the end of our "regular" choir season. However, since we have much festivity planned for June, this year we'll just let the choir relax for Memorial Day weekend and Children's Sunday before they spring back into action on June 8, 15, and 22.

This week they will demonstrate their range in a variety of styles. Heather Holland will be the soloist in Moses Hogan's arrangement of the spiritual Wade in the Water for the Introit (so make sure you're not late for church!). The offertory will be Benjamin Britten's Te Deum in C, written early in the composers career. It is a grand anthem with many of the composer's signature techniques employed. It has a beautiful soprano solo for Hannah McMeans. And finally, for our motet, something completely outside the proverbial box: A Swedish choral arrangement of Sting's song Fragile, with Brian Church as the soloist. Joy will incorporate the song's message into her sermon. 

"On and on the rain will fall like tears from a star.
On and on the rain will say how fragile we are."

For the prelude, you will hear the final tango for organ from Pamela Decker's Flores del Desierto (Desert Wildflowers).  Saiya (temaqui) flowers are showy orange blooms clustered above hand-shaped leaves. The five petals have reddish-brown spots at their bases and several stamens. Every part of the plant is edible, and the seed capsules are used as a coffee substitute. This final piece in the set is both a fugue and a tango. The subject is rhythmic, active, and virtuoso in nature, with a rising contour and driving sixteenths that swirl up to a high point. The work remains fugal for some time before loosening into a volcanic toccata. The subject is prevalent throughout the work in both original and transformed presentations. You will also hear the Spring movement of Hilary Tann's new suite for organ, Embertides.
Saiya (temaqui) flower
Rev. Fallon's sermons are now online! Click here to find downloadable PDFs of her sermons from January 2013 to present.

Invitation to a Habitat for Humanity Boston Build
In 2012 King's Chapel invited First Church Boston to build with us. Their participants helped complete our team. This year First Church Boston has invited King's Chapel to build with them on Saturday, June 28. The build will be in either Roxbury or Roslindale, to be determined shortly before the event by HFH Boston. The build will be from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. All abilities are welcome. If you are interested, please contact Peter Sexton at or 781 383-9028.
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