Tristan Osborne for Kent Police & Crime Commissioner
Former Special Constable announces Labour bid for Police & Crime Commissioner
Medway Labour councillor, and Policing spokesperson, Councillor Tris Osborne is announcing today his interest to become the Labour candidate for the forthcoming Kent Police and Crime Commissioner election.
Tristan has served on Medway Council for four years and is currently the opposition spokesman for Policing and Community Safety for the official opposition on the Authority. 

He announces his candidacy with a policy to expand the Special Constable programme to include front-line Council staff as a bespoke package to utilise those already working on Kent streets.
Tristan Osborne said;
"Over the last couple of months I have spoken to a number of Kent Labour council group leaders and key councillors from Dartford to Dover and they have made it clear they want an experienced Kent voice who has been on the front-line serving the community.
As a former Special Constable, I have on-the-ground experience of policing, and I believe it is important that the lessons are learnt from the last four years. We need less PR gaffes and more PCs on the streets helping to combat crime and anti-social behaviour. We need a commissioner who wont just accept Conservative cuts to Police budgets that have seen 500 fewer front line Police officers since 2010. We need a commissioner who can reach out to faith communities and minorities to engage them in making our Police a more diverse and forward-looking force.
I am also announcing today an initiative that will seek to proactively engage Councils across Kent to support front-line staff - such as Traffic Wardens and Community Ward Officers - to seek additional professional development as Special Constables.

If we have individuals on the streets at present it is surely worth using this human resource to make our communities a safer place to live and work. Individuals in post may also welcome the professional development and additional skills offered."

Tristan Osborne Biography
  • Raised in Kent and educated in Rochester
  • Former Special Constable with the Metropolitan Police serving in Greenwich and Charlton area
  • Former Kent Parliamentary candidate in Chatham and Aylesford in the 2015 General Election
  • Councillor for Luton & Wayfield in Medway since 2011 
Special Constable / Council Frontline Staff Programme.
The scheme will operate with negotiation between local Council employees and Kent Police to offer fast-track training to front line public sector staff as a bespoke service for those already in uniform on Kent streets. This may include
  • Traffic Wardens
  • Parking Attendants
  • Frontline Enforcement officers.
  • Street officers
It is hoped staff will have additional powers offered to all warranted Special Constables and with negotiation with local authorities wear a joint uniform with the Local Authority. 
Kent Police will work with the Council to offer additional training to those working on the frontline. They will also negotiate with Councils to offset revenue allocation. 

With more trained Special Constables on our streets it releases time for full-time Police Officers to be engaged elsewhere. 
Staff will be entitled to the reduction in Council Tax and benefits in terms of travel as is currently the case. 
According to Kent Police many employers are usually extremely happy for staff to become specials and many actually support them by giving staff paid time off while they’re on duty. This scheme simply formally embeds this with existing public sector front-line staff.
Councils already actively encourage their staff to become specials and work in partnership with the Special Constabulary. This scheme will create a formal access route for those on the frontline with some form of joint-working being suggested. 
Even employers who don’t give time off still respect the work specials do. The skills that you learn, like communication, working under pressure, leadership and conflict management, are hugely valuable to businesses and can make you a much more attractive employee. 

The benefits:
  • Supporting the local community generates positive PR for both the Police and the Local Authority. Public are reassured with higher visibility uniformed officers
  • Staff and Professional development– research reveals that it would cost companies £7,800 per employee to provide similar training. 
  • Improved staff morale and motivation
  • Increasing public confidence with more uniformed officers with enhanced powers
  • Re-allocation of specialist full-time Police Officers to other priorities
  • Tackling local crime and disorder beyond that of normal council staff

Press Contact - Cllr Tris Osborne - 0779 320 4282
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