Saturday (8/31), catch Dialectic live at Milk in San Francisco.

Saturday: Dialectic Live at Milk!

San Francisco show with The Hooks, Louder Space

<<First Name>>—

Come check out Dialectic at Milk on Saturday. We promise we WILL NOT:
  • sexually and culturally exploit black women and blackness to advance our pop music careers;
  • let girls half our age grind up against us on stage, then let them take all the heat from the sex police;
  • force feed prisoners on a righteous hunger strike;
  • pretend to honor MLK, the Civil Rights Movement, and the 1963 March on Washington while letting the Voting Rights Act be gutted and vigilante lynchers walk free; or
  • bomb Syria.
We promise we WILL:
  • rock your face with rocking rock music.
So come through! Let's have some fun!
Saturday, 8/31 @ 8.30pm
1840 Haight Street (off Stanyan)
21+, $10

(ying-sun, mario, ian & nora)

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