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Volume 6 Number 3    January 21, 2014



From Carolyn at Butte Mountain Organic Farm:

Hello all,
This week has been beautiful, but . . .  we need water!! The grass needs to be growning for the sheep, the snow needs to be covering the mountains for our water later. Do some rain dances, everyone!
This is the time for babies at the farm! Many varieties of seed are germinating and I'm sticking lots of cuttings. The sheep will soon be lambing, too. Soon I'll have more vegetable plants to sell so you can get your gardens going.



Lucy’s Spice Box
“A cook’s kitchen”
January 23 & 24
We are back to “normal” around here (healing) and looking forward to sharing some food!
This Sunday, Jan. 26, we are especially looking forward in helping create a menu of savory “tastes” to pair with 4 vintages of Yorba Barbera . . . the event being called “Sunday’s in the Library” with Ann and family at their tasting room.  
The taste menu will feature a vast range in flavor components that go surprisingly well with this beautiful grape, and especially the Yorba Barbera. Look for Wild Salmon “Two Ways” Pate’ with fresh & smoked Salmon, Organic slow braised Pork Rillette w/ Wintery Spices, Wild Mushroom stuffed Ravioli (house made organic pasta) with a Fragrant Roast Tomato Coulis and marinated Sheep’s Milk Cheese Crostini. All this combined with delicious wine and an afternoon hanging out with Ann . . . can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon ourselves!
Seating is limited so call 267-8190 if interested. Also check on future “Sunday in the library” dates at Yorba’s tasting Room with different wine varietals paired with food as this is a continuing opportunity, planned for Sunday afternoons through the spring months ahead.
We are looking at seed packets, trying to envision a kitchen garden that will actually produce this year. We felt so fortunate to be at the receiving end of so many home garden bounties, and that in itself has inspired us immensely. Thank-you, all again & again! Speaking of which, we have some gorgeous persimmon’s from Sun-Earth-Energy/James Hackworth that will be blended in with the Puree’ of Butternut Squash Soup this week (delicious added sweetness.)
The Wild Petrale Sole comes from Fort Bragg, the free-range Chicken from Mary’s Chicken.
When ordering in these winter months to come, please let us know if you are intending to “dine in” so we can let both Yorba & Amador360 know what to anticipate in accommodating everyone! Both locations are comfortable, inviting and community driven (i.e. local fun!)
Hope to see you in at Yorba’s tasting room Thursday or at Amador360 on Friday!  Thank-you and Bon Appetit!
Lucy & Bill



This has been a very unusual winter .  All our plants are growing slowly in this cold weather. Even though we are having warm days , the nights have been cold. Most of the producers for Motherlode Harvest boxes are using covers for the plants to keep them warm at night . Now we are having to deal with the extra dry weather. This means we have to start irrigating again in the middle of winter. New seedlings have been planted in greenhouses, so hopefully these plants will be ready for spring planting.  So , this is why we will have to wait awhile before we will have enough produce for your boxes. We have to work with nature and this is what Nature has given us this year. We will keep you all informed as to when the regular weekly boxes will be available again.. Meanwhile check the web site for the items that we do have in stock. 

For example:
Olive oil
Grass fed beef
Sunflower greens 
Winter greens 

Thanks for your understanding!

Customers Dick and Josie
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MG Class - Pruning Fruit Trees

Date: January 25, 2014

Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Contact: El Dorado Master Gardeners 530-621-5512

Sponsor: El Dorado County Master Gardeners

Location: Veterans Memorial Building

Event Details

Walt Miller will discuss the basics of how and when trees grow, how to prime to minimize injury and when and when not to prune. The discussion will also focus on how to prune to establish a structurally sound tree that produces fruit.

Location: Veterans Memorial Building, 130 Placerville Drive in Placerville, California

See the El Dorado County Master Gardeners 2014 Public Education Class Schedule.

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