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Hi, I'm Troy Magennis the founder of "Blocked." Thank you for registering for "Blocked" in the last few months. We want to keep you up to date about our product and make sure you are getting the best out of it.

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News and notes

1. Remember, using for your team is no cost and doesn't require any credit-card, firstborn child, etc.

First, solve team blockers and internal skill dependencies using "Blocked." It's free. Invite your team members using the "Invite users" menu on the slide-out panel opened by clicking on the menu button top-right of the main window. We think real value starts when you need to solve blockers across teams. When you are ready, create more teams and get those teams to invite more teams. Here is a tip. You can do this for up to 10 teams in learning mode. When you are ready, switch "learning-mode" off (you can turn it on again for training, etc) and start a monthly or yearly plan. They start at $99 a month, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Seriously - start with YOUR team.

2. What is Learning Mode?

We didn't want your first experience with the application to be a blank screen, so we populate your organization with sample data. But, we care about data and didn't want to pollute YOUR data with ours. Our solution: a switch in the right-panel menu. When Learning Mode is on, test data is kept separate from prod data. That's it. The only difference is LEarning Mode gives you a safe place to play, experiment, and train without impacting the metrics or chart for real blockers. Turn it on or off anytime.

3. Team Email notifications now live

Teams will be notified when a Blocker is opened, updated or resolved for and on their teams. Set the teams' email alias address in the Team settings available in the Organization settings for users who are Administrators. Our goal is to make sure teams know their blockers and who they are blocking the moment they occur. It's all about decreasing resolution time.

4. Team Slack notification now live

If Slack is configured in the Organization settings (a button that has to be pressed once, ever) and a Slack Channel is defined in the team settings, a slack message will be sent to teams when blockers are opened, updated, and resolved.

5. Jira Integration now fully live

Full JIRA Cloud integration went live in January. Issues Flagged as impeded in Jira will be automatically opened in "Blocked," and blockers opened in "Blocked" will flag linked issues in Jira. Resolving in whatever tool causes the other to similarly be resolved. It works as you would expect. We are looking for companies who want to really stress this feature out if you are interested let us know and we'll trade some licensing.

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