Welcome to the Fall/Winter issue of the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary's newsletter. We will keep you up to date on the happenings in and around the ranch, as well as on and off the range.

a letter from
the founder

We have been blessed with an outstanding team contributing their time and efforts to the cause. From the non-profit to the ranch itself, we thank everyone for their passion, support and participation.

An interesting thing happened this past September, one that I am only now coming to see as a gift. It began with the tragic flooding that hit our community in Boulder and surrounding areas so horribly. The loss is still apparent when driving the streets or not being able to drive the streets, closed still due to road damage. It changed our landscape and impacted many lives. Neighborhoods and communities came together to help one another, a very unique experience to be a part of. Considering others, rather than just ourselves for a bit, was a refreshing change. There was very little ego, people were working together for a cause and tremendous things were accomplished.

Ego is something that I see so much of in this world, the question and the challenge becomes how do we operate from an authentic place? The wild Mustang issue is plagued with egos, not one person or organization will be able to solve the problem. It’s like what happened in my town, people came together, without their egos and wonderful things happened. Staying authentic is truly the only way we’ll ever be able to help these horses, by coming together a change will happen. A friend shared this quote with me the other day and it rang so true, "Horses are not tied to their egos for identity and happiness". They are our teachers, when we stop to listen is when we will learn.

We are so excited this year to be a part of Colorado Gives Day. December 10th, a day set aside for contributing to a non-profit where we live, local causes for our local Colorado communities. Please consider donating to us on this day. Your contributions will be completely tax deductible and will be helping us further our goals for the Mustangs and Burros on and off the range.

Give the gift of a sanctuary tour or a Mustang/Burro sponsorship this Holiday Season! Leave it up to us, we'll mail a certificate, t-shirt, information about American Mustangs, Spanish Mustangs, Burros and the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary to the recipient of your choice. If you know of someone that would like to be a part of what is happening at the Great Escape, please pass it along, spread the word and let’s work together to bring awareness.

Thank you for your continued support in giving the Mustangs an opportunity and a voice,

Michelle Sander, Founder


at the sanctuary

Many exciting things have been happening at the ranch, schedule your tour today! We're home to 3 new BLM burros and with them, we have kicked off the HSUS Platero Training Project. The heroes at the sanctuary are the crew. Getting settled in for the Winter months, we have some wonderful new team members that we'd like you to meet. In October, we saw the first yellow school bus, of many to come, pull through our gates and we hosted our first school field trip! Take a look at our new 'meet the horses' webpage.

on the range

The Sand Wash Advocate Team (SWAT) is an on the range support project of the Great Escape. We met the Logan School from Denver in Sand Wash Basin, where we were able to educate the kids first hand about these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. A big thank you to the BLM Little Snake Field Office, Rene Calicura and the 3 Amigos of Sand Wash Basin for participating in a wonderful day. Aleta Wolf of SWAT put together some amazing video tributes of the Mustangs of Sand Wash. Check them out! 2013 Tribute to the SWB Foals and SWB Stallions


Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday December 10th! GEMS is proud to be able to participate in this wonderful online giving day. Presented by Community First Foundation and First Bank, Colorado Gives Day is an initiative to increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. Please mark your calendars for this fundraising event! The 24 hours of giving begins at 12am Dec.10 and goes until 11:59pm.


GEMS is committed to community outreach and education. These past months, we've been to the Logan School in Denver presenting the wild horse issue to a group of 6th-8th graders and to the Horizon's K-8 school in Boulder, where we brought a couple of our Ambassador's from the ranch. We also spent an afternoon with the HSUS at the History Colorado Center in Denver talking to people about the wonderful world of Burros. Lastly, take a look at our article in Elephant Journal.
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