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September 2015

Young Carers Report - Our Voice

We have been delighted with the response from young carers and professionals to our recent report Our Voice. We would welcome any additional comments on the report so please get in touch

The Next Young Carers Awareness Day  - Thursday 28th January 2016 

Last year with your support, the first young carers awareness day was launched in June as part of Carers Week itself. It was a fantastic success with young carers, their schools and the organisations that support them getting involved up and down the country. 
Following this success last year, this will become an annual event. Responding to feedback, the day will be moved to Thursday January 28th 2016. 
As plans for the day develop, we will provide further information as to how you can get involved.

Young Carers Awareness Materials, developed for Carers Week 2014, can be used throughout the year by young carer’s services, schools and colleges with the option of including local service details.

Young Carers Directory

Have you made use of the Young Carers Directory published by VoiCeS Northumberland?  What did you think?  We’d love to hear your views. 

Support and services available to young people, who are young carers are separated into the three areas of Northumberland North, West and South East.  The directory includes a short description of groups and services and how to get in touch to find out more.

If you haven’t contributed information to the new directory and would like to, please contact
Children and Young People's Advocacy Service

Action for Children run a service who will help young carers in need of support, by speaking up for them and promoting their rights. 

They can help young carers by:
  • Providing them with an advocate – someone who will provide information and help you understand choices that are available to you.  They will make sure that people who make decisions about young carers lives listen to their views.
  • Encourage young carers to say something if something or someone is making them unhappy or if they want to complain about a service, and say what you do and don’t want to happen.
  • Help young carers express what they are thinking or feeling if they find this difficult to do on their own.
An advocate can:
  • Listen to a young carer about any issues or concerns they may have
  • Help young carers to understand their rights
  • Take up issues on behalf of young carers and attend reviews or meetings if the young carer wants them too
  • Help a young carer to make a complaint if necessary
  • Help a young carer to write a letter or write it on their behalf
Young people can contact the service directly or a referral can be made on their behalf by contacting Angela Tait at Action for Children Children and Young Peoples Advocacy Service  or 0191 2781350.
New Resources

Brand New Primary School Resource
Looking to deliver an assembly to a primary school audience?
Have a look at this ready made presentation which includes PowerPoint slides, notes and guidance.

Eryc and Trayc young carer animation
Eryc and Trayc is a cartoon animation for schools which was created and funded in partnership with The Princess Royal Trust for Carers (previous name of Carers Trust), The Scottish Government and the Scottish Young Carers Service Alliance in 2011.  Find out how to use these fun characters in your school

A Guide for Young People Looking After Someone With Cancer
Macmillan have updated their young carers booklet: A guide for young people looking after someone with cancer.  The booklet gives information and advice to young people on coping with feelings, looking after themselves and where to find support.  More information

The Young Carers in Focus (YCiF) team are currently running a series of stories on Makewaves to gather transition tips for young carers. With young carers twice as likely to become NEET (not in education, employment or training) when they leave school, it is crucial that they have access to the correct support during transitions.  They are asking young carers to share their stories and support others.
So what are the best ways to support young carers during transitions?  Read more and get involved.

Free Online Support for Young Carers and Professionals
  • Babble is Carers Trust's new online community where young carers under 18 can find others in a similar position, chat, have fun, share experiences and access information and support online from an expert team.  Find out more and request free posters.
  • The Professionals Website is for all those working in health, social care or education who come into contact with carers.  
  • Young Carers Stuff  Resources for professionals to support young carers.  These resources can be adapted for use in local training programmes regarding young carers.   They include documents, video clips and links. 



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