Changes in Guidance RE Bruising on Immobile Babies

Changes have been made to Northumberland Safeguarding Children Board Guidance 1.5.2 Bruising and Rough Handling in the context of Neglect in Babies – this guidance has been amended slightly to remove reference to 'unless an explanation can be given’. The guidance now states ‘All bruising in a non-mobile baby should be considered suspicious. Any injury to an immobile baby should be regarded as suspicious and a referral made to children’s social care;’
This guidance was updated following learning from case review and case file audit by NSCB. Please can you ensure this is disseminated within your organisations, so that everyone is aware that any bruising to immobile babies needs to be referred to Children’s Social Care.
Referral form is included as a link below, along with contact details for Children’s Services Social Care Locality Teams.
Contact details for Children's Social Care Locality Teams
Children's Services Social Care Referral Form - to be used by PROFESSIONALS ONLY please see procedures for guidance on how to make a referral


Introduction to Safeguarding Children - Free* Training

When: 2nd December 2014
Time: 09:30 -12:30
Where: Hexham

  • Do you work with children and young people as a paid worker or volunteer?  YES
  • Have you completed child protection training in the past 3 years? NO

This free course is a 1/2 day introduction to child protection issues for volunteers and paid workers in community and voluntary groups and organisations.
The aim is to provide participants with a basic awareness of what child abuse is, child protection procedures and what you should do if you are concerned about the welfare of a child.

To book your place, please contact Jennifer at VoiCeS on or email
*Free to voluntary and community organisations in Northumberland but non attendance will be charged at a delegate fee of £50 for half day.


Designated Person in the VCS - Free* Training

When: 4th February 2015
Time: 09:30 - 12:30
Where: West Hartford Fire Station, Cramlington

The role of the Designated Person for Child Protection is crucial to voluntary and community groups to protect children in their care. When staff or volunteers express concerns about a child, the DP has to make key decisions about when to make a referral, when to discuss these concerns with parents, how to support the child and the staff through the process of referral.
To attend this training there is an expectation that you have attended Introduction to safeguarding training or refresher in the last 3 years.
Learning outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of the role and remit of the designated person
  • Explore thresholds of concern and appropriate responses using the Northumberland FACT Thresholds document.
  • Identify the stages of the referral process and the part you and your organisations play in it.
  • Recognise the principles of information sharing
  • Share good practice in safeguarding children in the VCS
  • Recognise responsibilities and procedures for managing allegations against staff/volunteers.
  • Identify any further training needs.

Who should attend:
Anyone holding the Role of Designated Person for Child Protection in a VCS organisation or group.
To Book:
Please contact Jennifer at or on 01665 713109.

*Free to voluntary and community organisations in Northumberland but non attendance will be charged at a delegate fee of £50 for half day.

NSCB Annual Report

Northumberland Safeguarding Children Board Annual Report 2013-2014 is now available.  This year the report has been built around 14 important questions that NSCB think best explain how they have gone about meeting their statutory responsibilities.

Duty to Refer Events

DBS are continuing to run our free duty to refer briefings.  Places are now available to book for the next events on 19th November 2014 in Darlington, County Durham.

You can find details of this event, together with details on how to book a place at Darlington by clicking here.

The events are free and targeted at employers and managers who have responsibility for removing individuals from regulated activity posts where harm has, or may, occur.  The event will provide detailed guidance on the duty to refer, submission of referrals and the information required to support a referral to the DBS.


New DBS Forms

In March 2014 the DBS produced a new disclosure application form with the amended e55 question wording.  It now asks:
‘Do you have any convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings which would not be filtered in line with current guidance?’
This was the only change to the form.  From the 1st December 2014 the DBS will no longer accept applications using the old form.   The new form can easily be identified as the form reference number at the top right-hand side begins with F01.  The form reference number on the old forms begins with F00.  Old forms should be destroyed.


NSCB New Social Media Guidance

Please find new Social Media Guidance attached. This guidance has been developed by Northumberland Safeguarding Children Board (NSCB) to encourage good practice in the use of social media, and to ensure that appropriate control mechanisms exist to minimise the risks to IT and communication systems and to protect the reputation of partner agencies.

The purpose of this guidance is to provide a building block for organisations to develop their own advice and guidance, which Includes;-

  • safer working practice in relation to the use of social media,
  • keeping personal and professional lives separate,
  • keeping safe when using electronic media and
  • adopting responsible behaviour that should protect staff from putting themselves and their career at risk.

This guidance is to help promote the importance of ensuring that privacy and security settings are in place, and to assist partner-agencies of the NSCB to proactively address issues around the misuse of Social Media within their own agency. 

This document is guidance only, it is not intended to interfere in an employees private life, but to help avoid work and private lives clashing in inappropriate ways because of social networking activities. There is also a model policy contained within the guidance on page 16 which could assist in writing your own Social Media Policy. Please note that the guidance is not intended to replace individual Agencies Policy Guidance and/or Single Agency internal policies around Social Media. 



NSCB have created 2 new posters.  One is A Practitioners Guide to the NSCB and is aimed at all staff who work with children, young people and their families, and should be displayed in staff rooms, staff kitchens or other staff areas. There is a leaflet that goes with this poster, this is attached as a word document and can be printed onto A4.
This other poster highlights lessons learnt from case reviews.  This is for public display as far and wide as possible, i.e GP surgeries, hospitals, libraries, children’s centres, social care area offices, and anywhere else that is accessed by the public.
We would be interested to know if you have displayed any of these posters in your setting so please could you let us know if you do by e mailing

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