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August 25, 2022

3 Points To Ponder

“A great team understands not everyone is the same. Each brings unique strengths. Are you stepping into your strengths for your team?”

“Being on a team is a two-way street. People are meeting your needs and you are also meeting their needs. Many times, we focus on the first part of this statement and forget about the second part. How would you rate yourself as a teammate?”

“Understanding your pace on a team is important. Not every team is the right fit and that is ok. Are there teams you need to step away from to find a better pace for your life?”

2 Quotes To Share

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”       -Martha Goedert

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” -Henry Ford

1 Story of Impact

A few weeks ago, I summited Quandary Peak in Colorado. This is a 14,260-foot mountain just outside of Breckenridge and was my first 14er. The best part of the climb was that ten of us went up together to celebrate the 40th birthday of one of our friends. As I was climbing the mountain, I realized the power of teamwork. Before we left, we had someone with experience share with us what to pack. Another made homemade granola for us to eat up the mountain. Yet another shared hiking gear for those of us without the proper equipment. During the hike, we had a leader setting the pace and guiding the way on the path. There were people who were encouragers and helpers. As the group went along, we split into two, and the faster group went ahead. And that was a good thing, as we in the back needed a slower pace. In the end, everyone made it to the top of the peak, but each went at their own pace, understanding what they needed to do to make it to the top. Then, on the way down, one person in our group sprained their ankle, and again, the team sprang into action. The pace changed. One person taped the ankle. Another gave her some hiking poles for her descent. Others went ahead and drove the van closer to the finish so she didn't have to walk as far. At the end of the day, we all celebrated the overcoming of climbing a mountain together. Ten up and ten down. As you look at your life, who is on your team? Are they helping you accomplish your life goals? What about you -- are you a good teammate? Do you need to spend some concentrated time on building a solid team around you? This life can be tough and all of us need community. We were made to be with one another, as we all play needed roles at different times. Spend some time this week thinking about your team and where tweaks are needed for your next phase of life.
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Tim Brand
Founder and CEO, Many Hands

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