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November 22, 2022

3 Points To Ponder

"A Spirit of Gratitude is like a field. The more you plant, the more there is to harvest. But, the field needs to be worked and tended to, otherwise, weeds of negativity will take over. How is your field right now?"

"Oftentimes, we wait for the major events to celebrate, robbing us of the everyday joy of small wins. What small things are you grateful for right now?"

"A system of gratitude is helpful for most people. A gratitude journal. A gratitude walk. A time of reflection. Hand-written notes. Do you have a system in place? Is it time to create one?"

2 Quotes To Share

“Be a five-good person, as it takes five good statements to overcome one negative. If you see the good in others, let them know, as we all need five-good people in our lives.” -Eric Recker

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” - William Arthur Ward

1 Story of Impact

Back in 2017, life’s situation looked pretty dire for Roseman. Recently widowed at a young age, her one-year-old daughter, Baby Love, was anemic, underweight, and malnourished. With a weakened immune system, she was constantly fighting off fevers and infections, leading to pneumonia and stomach hernias. Roseman needed help, so she took a chance and enrolled in the Sylvain First 1,000 Days program through Many Hands, granting her access to food, education, and medical assistance. Baby Love started to get stronger and Roseman’s network of support deepened. Now, five years later, Baby Love is a 3rd grader, one of the top students in the class, and no longer under the malnourishment line. Now, it is easy to hear this story and think, “Wow, that is neat” and then move on. But stop and think about it deeper. This little girl was on the path towards death and now has life! This is a reason to rejoice, for what once looked lost now has hope. She is smart, kind, and very friendly. In the midst of all the hardships happening in Haiti, I’m thankful for this story. What are you thankful for today? Even if you are in a darker place than you would like, find the light of gratitude. It has the ability to change the atmosphere and build upon itself. If nothing comes to mind, sit in this for a while until the good is revealed. It is worth finding. 
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Tim Brand
Founder and CEO, Many Hands

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