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February 7, 2023

3 Points To Ponder

"The world looks vastly different when on one’s knees washing someone’s feet. I think that is why Jesus chose this for the disciples' final group act before the cross. Is there a relationship in your life where the best thing for connection would be a great act of service with no words?"

"To see the world through someone else’s eyes is a gift given to gain wisdom. How often are you trying to gain focus from another viewpoint?"

"Our differences can either separate us or be an opportunity to build a bridge together. The choice is ours to make. Do you want to swing the first hammer to build something better?" 


2 Quotes To Share

“With a respectful attitude and an open mind, people with conflicting views can help each other grow and learn by assisting one another in seeing the world from a different perspective.” - Zero Dean

“We begin to learn wisely when we’re willing to see the world from other people’s perspective.” - Toba Beta

1 Story of Impact

Dismounting from my motorcycle in the off-the-beaten-path rural community outside of Pignon, Christi, myself, and our Spiritual Shepherds were greeted warmly by a young couple inviting us into their home. This couple needed some encouragement as the man wanted to be married and his partner wasn't so sure. Walking through the front door, I was immediately struck by how this couple had beautifully decorated their home...for someone 5'6 or smaller. Now, I'm 6'4 and in places like Haiti, I often feel like a giant. I look around my group and I'm definitely the tallest person by at least six inches and in some cases, a full foot. This was my view.
I quickly realized, from their perspective, there was nothing wrong with how they decorated their interior. It worked wonderfully for them. The problem was with me, and if I wanted to connect with them, I would need to make an adjustment in my perspective. To truly be people of impact, we need to meet others where they are at to gain an understanding of their perspective. We can’t expect everyone to shift because we walk into a room with our thoughts and ideas. When trying to connect with someone, how often are we thinking about the other person’s point of view? What is one relationship this week where you need to be the one to meet them at their level? 


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Tim Brand
Founder and CEO, Many Hands

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