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March 7, 2023

3 Points To Ponder

When God accomplishes something that no human being could possibly line up, I respond with “Only God.” Do you have any “Only God” moments? What are they?

Only God moments only occur when we step in faith big enough for God to do something incredible. Otherwise, God isn’t needed. How is your faith lately?

In our need for control, we many times push God out to make room for our will. I don’t think it is a conscious choice, but a choice that gets made nonetheless. Where do you need to release control to allow God some space back into the situation?

2 Quotes To Share

“Trust in God. We can only see a little bit down the road, but he can see around every curve." -Cathay Messecar

"When God shows up and the unexplainable happens, don't attempt to explain it as something you did. Tell the story of how God has worked through you to change lives by His grace." -Dillion Burroughs

1 Story of Impact

It was Wednesday late afternoon, and I thought I was going to be able to coast for the day. But God, in His wisdom, had other plans for me. He needed to remind me, once again, who He is and who is in charge. In November 2022, some Many Hands staff and board visited a community center in Murphy Town, Abaco, Bahamas. It was in shambles and had been since Hurricane Dorian in September 2019. God placed on our hearts to rebuild the center. On the flip side, we had zero resources to build it. Like none. Just a willing heart to say, “Yes.” In December 2022, the money showed up to put up rafters and plywood for the roof, unsolicited. In January 2023, the rafters, plywood, doors, and windows were installed by a group of skilled volunteers, unsolicited. This brings our story to my Wednesday afternoon. At 4:00, another organization said they had the funds to put the shingles on the roof but no skilled laborers to do it. At 4:12, I finished an exchange with our General Contractor to get a quote on the needed supplies, with him asking me, “Do you need the supplies and labor? Or just supplies?” 

I answered, “Just get supplies, as I think someone will step up to do the install.”

At 4:30, my phone rang with someone saying they felt called to do the installation two weeks from now, as their father had just returned home from a trip with us and explained the need. Within 24 hours, all the arrangements were made to move forward on the project, with funding, materials, and labor secured.  Only God. We need “Only God” moments to remind us who is in charge. We need to watch our heavenly Father at work, moving, stirring, and acting as a response to our desperation. What are your “Only God” memories and how can they stir you to deeper levels of faith in your current situation? 
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Tim Brand
Founder and CEO, Many Hands

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