This week: 10 reasons to stay at Bernardus Lodge, my trip to Monterey, news and deals. Planning a trip soon? Check out the Travel Portal.
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My Trip to Monterey, California
Greetings! March Madness doesn’t only apply to the NCAA – how about the weather? It’s warmer in Chicago, New York and practically everywhere else than it is in Los Angeles this week. Crazy, huh? After I landed in L.A. from my Singapore Airlines trip around-the-world I quickly unpacked, paid my bills and repacked because 18 hours later I was back on a plane… this time to Monterey, California.  Also, be sure to read my 10 Reasons to Stay at Bernardus Lodge.
Travel Contests

Travel Deals

This weeks deals include: Up to 30% off Vegas, California Hotels, Hawaiian Islands, and 40% and free nights in Puerto Rico, daily specials, and more.
Travel New

Travel News

This week’s news includes: 63 Years Flying, From Glamour to Days of Gray, and more.

Website of the Week

Website of the Week

A lot of people are always asking me about their rights when they fly. It’s long and of course it’s boring as hell but it’s good to know.
Travel Style

Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau travels the world and is a huge proponent of ordinary people quitting their day jobs and creating their own freedom. He’s been to almost every country on earth so you will want to see what he has to say in our new Q&A.

Video of the Week

Video of the Week

Here, Charlie Rose interviews Bob Crandall, former CEO of American Airlines, and Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor at CBS News. 
Product of the Week

Product of the Week

For stylish travelers who really want to up their game and impress their companions and fellow passengers, these ShowOffs travel bags have your name written all over them. 
Tweeter of the Week

Tweeter of the Week

If you are a fan of travel and adventure, you will want to follow my buddy Josh Gates, who has a show on the Syfy Channel.

Travel Contests of the Week

Contest of the Week

This week's contests includes: British Airways 10 free round-trips a day to UK.  Also, do you know a first-time traveler? Enter this contest to win them a Europe vacation! 
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