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August is here and we are charging through the year as fast as the rivers are flowing.  What a winter of water it has been!  The weather has made it hard for many of us to train but we have still seen some wonderful competitions and training days going ahead.  AND, who wasn't glued to the live Olympic equestrian coverage? Days and days of wonderful riding, beautiful horses and outstanding performances!  WOW!

Hopefully we will have some drier days (and Olympic motivation) as we roll towards the Hygain WA State Dressage Championships.  As we watch sadly the rest of Australia cancel competitions due to Covid and the lockdowns, we feel incredibly grateful we can still be out and about in WA and plan a state championship. The countdown is on, with a little over 3 weeks to go to the event and ONLY 3 DAYS left to get your entries in. Entries close 13th August so click the link below and we will see you at the SEC.


- Katrina Lodge

Rider Profile

Chloe Moon

"The second thing I have to work on is to let go of my inner perfectionist, this is hard. What it means is that if I want to work towards my goal of Grand Prix, I can't wait for the perfect trot and canter at prelim and novice level."

Tell us about your horse?

I have two horses, Gesusa Park Furst Light (Frosty) and Benell's Casablanca (Maverick).

Frosty is by Furstenball out of a Regardez Moi mare. Frosty was bred and broken in by Sara Price and Deon Stokes from Stokes Sporthorses. We purchased him as a 4-year-old in 2019. He is now competing elementary with medium training progressing at home.

He is the most genuine horse I have ever met and worked with and for that, he continually makes friends with humans and horses alike wherever he goes.

Maverick is a recent addition to my stables. He was bred by Nell Henry and Ben Wilson from Benell Park. He is by the Henry family's show jumping warmblood stallion Copenhagen. My mum owned his grandmother (Jana II) so it has come full circle now that we have Maverick.

Nell and I have co-trained him since he was broken in in late 2019, this was a journey I enjoyed as the combination of show jumping and dressage training has produced a very well-rounded horse. He is currently at novice level. To me, Maverick is the definition of a pocket rocket. Whilst he is only 15.2hh, he has so much power, balance, and personality, it makes training him very fun.

What has been the key to training your horse?

For both horses, there are two important points that I have learned:

Cross-training is very important. I try to keep the horse's training schedules packed with variety. Each week I incorporate, bush walks, hill work, jumping and pole work, a lunging session as well as an arena training session. This schedule allows the horses to build and strengthen muscles in a variety of environments and surfaces as well as giving them a range of experiences to keep their work interesting and their minds fresh.

The second thing I have to work on is to let go of my inner perfectionist, this is hard. What it means is that if I want to work towards my goal of Grand Prix, I can't wait for the perfect trot and canter at prelim and novice level. By changing my mindset and not getting caught up in all the little details, when I start ridding and playing with movements all the basics paces improve. I have had to learn to not be afraid to try. This is where I have to thank my team of coaches for continually pushing me to step outside of my comfort zone.


Judge Profile

Terri Hummerston - G Level

Originating from a cattle property in Rockhampton Queensland, Terri began riding at 10 and claims she is better on the ground than she is riding!

Tell us a little about the history of your riding?

I grew up in Rockhampton, Qld and I was lucky both of my parents were from cattle properties so both could ride. I was fortunate to get my first horse when I was 10 and low and behold he was a golden one - every girl's dream! I had lessons at a local riding school and then progressed on to the show scene with a different horse. I did not receive any formal training until I attended University of Qld, Gatton to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Applied Science Animal Studies - Equine. I was so lucky to have my horse on campus and receive three lessons a week from a level 2 and level 3 coach whilst also studying for my level 1 coaching exam. I competed extensively in Eventing and was also lucky enough to have clinics with both Andrew Hoy and Stuart Tinney. Horses were then put on hold when I moved here to WA however the bug was still there and I purchased a warmblood to get back into riding and competed in dressage. I then moved on to my second warmblood who is still going strong today at the ripe old age of 19. I do not compete anymore but I am hoping that one day when the opportunity is there to purchase another one, I will get back into it.

2. Why did you become a judge?

I have always been told I have a good "eye" for horses and I am probably better on the ground than I am a rider! Wendy Barker was always asking me when I would start the process so here I am!

3. What do you look for when judging?

I look at the overall picture and partnership. I really like a horse that is relaxed and willing. The horse needs to appear that it is enjoying doing its work and is not an effort to do so.

4. What is your greatest dislike when judging?

When the rider is not doing any favours to help the horse out.

They are very reliant on their hands and it does not create a nice harmonious picture or partnership.

5. Any funny or unusual moments while judging?

I am still very new to judging so I don't think I have anything happen yet but I am sure it will!

6. What is one thing would say to encourage more judges?

We judge for the love of the sport and to help encourage people to give dressage a go. It is rewarding being a judge knowing that your comments and marks will be helpful to hopefully improve the rider at their next competition.

Coach Profile

Colin Chantler

When did you become a coach and what are your coaching qualifications?

Many of my qualifications come from my previous working life. I was with one of Australia’s largest supermarket companies for over 30 years and held a number of senior management positions. These leadership roles had a major focus on training and development and have given me a good understanding of how differently individuals learn and the many emotions that come with developing new skills.

What often makes the task of coaching even more challenging is that one member of the partnership has a limited understanding of the English language and why they are being asked to do something - basically because they are a horse!

As for my riding coaching qualifications I am an EA level 1 Dressage Coach. I started becoming more involved in coaching in 2010 after a bad fall from a young horse that left me unable to walk for about 6 months. These times can be life changing & I am fortunate to be able to continue to ride and enjoy my horses and the sport.

Can you paint a quick picture of your background in horses / how you came to be a coach?

I started riding in Albany when I was around twelve years of age. I would spend most of my school holidays there helping at a riding school and taking tourists on trail rides to the beach or into the hills. You learnt very quickly how to ride, or you would end up walking home!

I got my first horse from NSW. He was a quarter horse and I competed western for a number of years. In this time, we did some reining, cutting, working cow horse, western pleasure and trail classes.

As a sixteen-year-old I spent about 6 months at a thoroughbred stud backing and starting gallopers getting them ready to go off for training. This was just before I started working in the supermarket. It was a lot easier to enjoy your own horses when not working with them all day.

At about twenty-two I needed a change and competed in low-level Eventing. It only took a couple of years to come to the realization that my true passion was for Dressage. The thoroughbred mare that I evented progressed through to Advanced. My warmblood geldings also showed their versatility and progressed through the levels.

In 2004 I purchased a 6-month-old chestnut filly that we named Bonita. This wonderful horse was bred by the late David Hodby from the Perth hills. It took about 10 years of training to progress from Preliminary through to Grand Prix. Bonnie is such a special horse and it was a wonderful experience. You cannot even start to imagine how hard it is to get to Grand Prix until you try and get there!


Junior Rider Profile

Alivia Coppin

"I did my first dressage test at a Little red dragon show and fell in love with dressage."

Tell us about your horse?

KDH Top This is an 8 yr old German Riding Pony x Warmblood Sire: Top Der Da Dam: SS Rosa. I rode Ted for the first time when I was 12 and he was only 6 and I fell in love. I was lucky enough that Kaitlin Hull who bred and trained Ted entrusted me to take him on his next journey.

Ted is a very loveable and sweet horse. He makes me smile, he always tries his best and most of all he looks after me.


Out & About

          Melaney Lee-Newland riding RH Royal Danseur                 Photo Credit: Eric Lloyd Photography

Perth Dressage Club

Perth Dressage Club held its first official competition of the 2021 on Sunday, 6th June at their home ground State Equestrian Centre. The event attracted many rider entries from across the state signing up to ride over 140 tests from Preparatory Level through to GP for both Participant and Competitor classes.

Once again, the Perth Dressage Club Competition was a fantastic event, supported by a hardworking committee, the club’s members, competitors, judges, officials, pencillers, runners and our event sponsor Alan Matthew Racing.

Huge thanks to Heidi Emery and Hermitage Dressage sponsoring the beautiful High Point Rosettes made by Penrose Park Garlands. And to Eric and Jessie Lloyd for sponsoring our largest class Competitive Novice which was won by Melanie Nixon on Matavia Dancette her beautiful horse.

We would especially like to thank Liz Coe our visiting Queensland A Level Judge for taking the trip over in these uncertain covid times.

We look forward to seeing you all at our next event 14th August 2021.

Our results can be found on PDC website and DWA website.

  Tracey Strommer riding Val Cartier                                                 Photo Credit: Eric Lloyd Photography

Para Equestrian

PE Bootcamp

by Val Mayger

On Thursday, July 22nd we held a Para Equestrian Boot Camp which was funded by DWA and the EWA Sports fund. Five riders - Rosa-Lee Principe, Fleur Litster, Andrew Forbes, Chelsea Dejonge and Suzin Wells took part.

It was called a Boot Camp and although the riders and horses didn’t have to do hours of exercise it was a day of intensive learning, riding and discussing. Originally it was planned to have Virginia Creed head up the Team of herself, Lisa Baker and Elaine Greene as she was also coming to work with members of the Perth Dressage Club but, as was the case last year, COVID got in the way and Virginia couldn’t come to WA.

Thank goodness for Gill Botten who willingly stepped up to fill the Judging and Coaching role, at very short notice. Thank you Gill – you did such an amazing job.

The day began with each of the five participants riding a PE Test of their choice, which was judged by Lisa Baker an FEI 3* PE Judge and Gill Botten an EA Level A Judge and videoed by Sara Botten. During Morning Tea which followed the Test Riding, each rider met with the two Judges and Elaine Greene, who was assisting with the coaching, to discuss their videoed tests and receive suggestions on how marks could be improved.

Lunch followed for the riders, their helpers and the Judges and Coaches. During lunch Gill Botten spoke on how riders could develop and record a Training Plan for their horses and Suzin Wells, one of our PE Riders and the proprietor of FIRST BIT EQUINE, spoke on bit fitting and the importance of having the correct bit.

This was followed by general discussion and in particular the COMPETITIVE EDGE programme. Some riders reported that they were not receiving notification of up-coming ZOOM meetings. This has been followed up and hopefully resolved.

The afternoon was devoted to riders being coached by Gill and Elaine and working on suggestions from the judges in their Video discussions and particular movements of the riders’ choice.

The riders also had a visit from Jilly Hancock from Heiniger Equine. Heiniger sponsors our Para Equestrians with their Heiniger Equine products and Jilly was able to give them their Heiniger Jackets and Caps. Which look extremely smart.

The day concluded at 4.45pm with riders, Judges and Coaches unanimously voting it successful, satisfying and a great idea to be able to get together and talk to each other.

Some comments from the riders –

“I am really grateful for the day and had an excellent lesson with Gill Botten – I would really like to learn more from her.”

“Fantastic Day, well organised.”

“I could not have asked for a better day and outcome. It was an amazing day.”

“I had a fantastic day and learnt so much. Loved watching my test back on the big screen with the amazing judges Lisa Baker and Gill Botten and really enjoyed my lesson with Gill. Great to catch up with fellow Para Equestrians.”

My thanks to the whole Team – Lisa, Gill, Elaine and Sara and Nerissa and her Team at the SEC.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a huge thank you to our sponsors of the Hygain WA State Dressage Championships.
Please remember to support the businesses that support our sport!

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