Are you interested in cleaning CONTRACTS?



As the owner and Managing Director of Perfectly Clean, I extend a warm welcome to you. Please feel free to contact me directly any time to discuss the contracts listed in this email, I will know each one personally and can assist you with any question you have.


BURWOOD 3125 $24000

  • Suburb:

    International Student accommodation

  • Monthly Income:

    $4000 per month - 3 DAYS (Tues, Wed, Thurs) daytime hours (approx 24 hours per week)

  • Notes:

    Cleaning Student accommodation. No bedrooms, only common areas including Bathroom, kitchens, floors. No outside cleaning.

  • Equipment Required:

    We will supply you with brand new back pack vacuum, mop, bucket, duster, chemicals and microfibre cloths to get you started.


body corporate, melbourne CBD, 3000 $11280

Child Care Centre, Thornbury 3071 $7200


Medical centre, Craigieburn 3064 $2400


Welcome to my company and thank you for showing interest in joining our wonderful team.  Although we think our franchise is a great opportunity for most people, its not perfect for everyone.  The decision to join us is mutual, in other words, I need to feel that you will be a good fit for us and you should feel comfortable with our company, expectations and the contract.
To ensure that we get the best fit for every franchise partner joining us, we have a simple process that will save  you and me time in the long run!

If you like the look of a contract, email me by replying to this email.  There is a process you need to follow before taking a contract:
  1. Discuss the contract with me in more detail and discuss the commitment.
  2. Pay $200 deposit (non refundable but it will be credited to the purchase price of your contract)
  3. Complete the contract waiting time of 2 weeks (14 days) and do your due diligence during this time
  4. Sign the franchise agreement that you are provided with.
  5. After 7 day cooling off period, pay contract fee and start training.
  6. You receive full payment from day 1 of training.