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Dear <<First Name>>,

I should be promoting my book, but there’s something more important to tell you about this week. It can’t wait because a week from now the percentage of people who could benefit from my message will be split in half because we will probably have a different president. There’s nothing partisan in my words, NOTHING, but next week it will be impossible to hear the topic I am writing about without assuming my political party won the election. (In case you were wondering I am registered as an independent.) What’s the topic? It’s one of the rarest, most valuable substances on Earth. Optimism.

I’m actually a bit embarrassed by it, I feel like it is the wrong time to be chipper. Which is silly because if you have a glimpse of utopia while other people only see gloom, that’s a cruel think to hide under a bushel. So I am just going to go for it and pray that my positivity doesn’t offend you. 

The number one discovery of User Zero is gaining the ability to see alternate realities that are invisible to other people. (I guess I get to promote my book after all!) We’ve been blasted with negativity and doom for so long now that it has become a habit. But what if we’re actually on the verge of a golden age, we just can’t see it?

Normally I like to keep Letter Zero short and punchy so that you can consume it in a few minutes. Today’s story needs a little more room, so I am going to break form and point you to the story I posted on Medium. It’s called “The Invisible Golden Age.” I am going to further break form by asking you to help me spread this positive outlook. If my words strike a chord with you, please clap for it on Medium or share it with others. My favorite part about the coming golden age is that once you know it’s there it can’t be unseen. The best is yet to come.

I’ll write again next week. Stay creative.

Your friend,
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