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August Project
A study of Alexander Max Koester THREE of SEVEN DUCKS
Videos posted each week after class with private link.
Class Plans
Aug 4
A little about the artist, sketching with charcoal, block in and softening
Aug 11
Choosing a palette, Mixing color together, laying in first layer of color, softening
Aug 18
Explanation of mediums, oiling in, correcting drawing and color
Aug 25
 Oiling in final details & how to know when you are finished &
if we finish on week 3 we will do another Koester duck, alla prima!
PART 2 DEMO of August 11 class
ALEXANDER KOESTER Redrawing, restating, block in, blending.
This is a private link for current students.
Not posted on my open YouTube channel.
August 11 Session 2 RECAP
  • Mixing color from the 3 primaries (It's all much simpler than you ever imagined)
  • If you don't get the shadows dark enough on the white ducks, the dappled light will not be effective.  It's ultramarine blue, white and a speck of Yellow Ochre.
  • Break each subject down into planes as well as seeing abstract shapes of color & value. (see images above for the planes. Make a habit of printing your subject off and drawing the planes over the printout) 
  • Look for unexpected color, (peach, glowy blue, orange, etc)
  • Learn some anatomy with each painting. Note duck skull image above.  
  • Be ok with the MIDDLE PART. Have courage to get it covered, then soften things in. Then step away. You will be so happy to work back into the soft, covered canvas with color notes already in place. 
Stephen Bauman will be making a video on
William Adolph Bouguereau soon.
Visit his page and click to receive notifications.

Thanks Bridget!!
I use Photoshop poster edges filter to break down the values in my subjects as shown below. Just uploaded the photoshop Express app to my phone and it has some good options. Basic is free. 

Best photo-editing apps for your phone

Photo Album in the Facebook group Path's to Creativity of about 55 of Koesters paintings. Only found them on YouTube otherwise internet images were very poor. These are screenshots of the 4k video images on Master Painters You Tube Channel  CLICK IMAGE to view the album.  
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