Insect-cell-optimised Transfection Reagent
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Challenging proteins made easy 
Drosophila S2 cells

Drosophila S2 cells expressing GFP after transfection with ExpreS2 TR, under fluorescent light.

ExpreS2 Insect Transfection Reagent (TR)

  • Specially designed liposome formulation which offers high transfection efficiencies.
  • Optimised for transfection of insect cells (S2, Sf9, Sf21).
  • Mix and add to cells – no need to change medium.
  • Performs well both in presence or absence of serum.
  • Non toxic to cells.
  • Suitable for both static and suspension cell cultures.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Large volume transfections possible.
  • Customised batch sizes.
Still having problems with low/non-expressing proteins using HEK293 or BEVS expression systems? Try our ExpreS2 starter kit, ideal for:
  • Secreted or secretable proteins.
  • Heterodimers or trimmers.
  • If variable glycosylation is an issue.
  • Issues with protein cleavage during production using BEVS.

The ExpreS2 technology platform recently provided a significant step in understanding the binding of the malaria parasite to blood cells. Find out more in our latest Nature paper:
'Structure of malaria invasion protein RH5 with erythrocyte basigin and blocking antibodies'

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Interested in custom protein production?

ExpreS2 Insect-TR and ExpreS2 starter kit are part of the optimised Drosophila S2-based protein expression system developed by ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies. 

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