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Are you looking to be at the forefront of discovery in 2015?

If you had the protein expression differences for all your proteins of interest against the backdrop of the whole proteome - would that enlighten you?
Biognosys has created a solution for our customers based upon next generation SWATH proteomics or Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM) technology, which provides reproducible and accurate quantification for 1000s of proteins in a single instrument run.
Proteome-SEQâ„¢ is a standard discovery service offering next-generation proteomics solutions for high-content protein quantification today.
Proteome-SEQâ„¢ offers the highest protein coverage with short turn-around times using pre-developed and optimized assay libraries for selected sample types.
For other sample types or species we offer Proteome-SEQâ„¢ as a customized service.

Proteome-SEQ key features:
  • High content  - quantifying 1000s of proteins across multiple samples.
  • Straightforward approach - no labelling, fractionation, or other processing steps.
  • Rapid quantification - only 10 days to actionable results.
  • High quality data - low technical %CVs (median < 10%).
  • Customization - our optimized assay libraries plus custom assays for target proteins specific to your samples.
  • Digital viability - data generated can be re-interpreted and revisited without re-measuring the original sample.

Whether you are active in Drug response and mode of action studies, Drug target discovery for antibody-drug conjugates (ADC), Biomarker discovery or Toxicology studies our service could give you additional traction in 2015.

Available Libraries:
Proteome-SEQâ„¢ [cell culture]
  • Quantification of more than 4000 proteins across multiple cell cultures.
  • 20 µg of protein as starting material.
  • Applicable for small (2x3 samples) and large studies (more than 50 samples).
Proteome-SEQâ„¢ [human liver]
  • Quantification of more than 2000 proteins across human liver tissue samples.
  • 5 mg of fresh frozen tissue as starting material.
  • Ideal for biomarker discovery and toxicology studies.
With panels for Tumor tissue, Glycosylated membrane proteins, and Plasma/serum available as a customized service.
Talk to us now to discover more.

Reference: Escher C. and Golson R. Proteomic Detection of Liver Toxicity. GEN, Sep 1, 2014 (Vol. 34, No. 15).                   call: +41 447382040       

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