PLC glow for phosopholipase C isozymes

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Looking for a high-throughput fluorescent assay for phosopholipase C isozymes?

PLCglow (formally WH-15) is a unique, fluorescent reporter specifically designed for the stringent substrate requirement of mammalian phospholipase C (PLC) isozymes.

•Greater than six-fold change in fluorescence when hydrolysed by PLCs.
  • Specifically designed to reflect the endogenous substrate PIP2.
  • Suitable for both mammalian and bacterial PLCs using purified proteins as well as cellular lysates.
  • Works with standard, cuvette-based formats and microtiter plates up to 1536 wells.
  • Greater than six-fold change in fluorescence when hydrolysed by PLCs.

In a case study, the Molecular Screening Center at Scripps Research Institute used PLCglow in high-throughput screens of >300,000 compounds to identify inhibitors of PLC-3 and PLC-1.

Save time and reduce the cost of your PLC assays with PLCglow.

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