Upcoming radness from Turista Libre Rad Tijuana Tours.

Masked men in stretchy pants throwing down body slams, somersaults, backflips and trash talk en español could only mean one thing. Así es, ¡lucha libre! Mexican wrestling differs little from its American counterpart technically speaking. Best two out of three wins. But the camp, action, drama, color, acrobatics and sporadic pyrotechnics make it nothing short of a living, breathing comic book.

The $35 ticket includes transport from the border to Tijuana’s Auditorio Municipal on Turista Libre’s famed fun bus, gelatinous en-route libations and a lucha libre souvenir so sweet you’ll probably pass it on to the grandkids.

The group meets on the U.S. side of the San Ysidro pedestrian border crossing near the UETA Duty Free store on Camiones Way at 7 p.m. MEETING SPOT MAP.

Space is limited so prepaying is a must. TICKETS.

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