Read how I plan to use technology to create community for single women in global ministry.
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Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,
After a beautiful summer and an unusually warm and sunny fall, we are into the gray days of a Michigan February. I thought I was escaping gray skies when I moved from the Simbari tribe of Papua New Guinea across the world to Grand Rapids, MI. I have since discovered that Grand Rapids experiences a high number of cloudy days in the late fall and winter due to its location east of the Lake. But today, although the outdoor temperatures are freezing, the warmth of the sun shining in my window is attempting to make a liar out of me. So I’ll enjoy the sun while I can and dream of warmer temperatures to come.
Thank you for helping me purchase these awesome workbooks!
Thank You
Thanks to you, my friends, I was able to purchase 20 Returning Well workbooks, receiving a special discount from the author. There are several women moving into the area from overseas who will soon be beneficiaries of your gift. Pray that these books will be used to help missionary women through the major transition of returning to the States on home assignment or exiting their overseas ministry and beginning a new chapter in their lives as I have done.
Cultivating Community
When I transitioned from PNG to Grand Rapids, MI, there were so many things that I could do. However, it was more challenging to find out what God was leading me to do. I considered further education and set it aside. I tried a writing-based ministry involving long hours at my computer which left me isolated and struggling with arm and shoulder pain. The need for more people interaction led me down the debriefing road but debriefing in and of itself was incomplete. I thought about working with missionary kids but my desire was to work with women. That led me to narrow my focus to single women. This is where I feel the most passionate. I love them and I understand them because I am them.
I've long thought about starting a website and for months I prayed for a name. Finally, I think I have one. My goal to lessen the isolation for single women in global ministry led me to the name that I have chosen.
Cultivating Community for Single Women of the Harvest
It will be a gathering place for single women in global ministry, as well as those who love and care for them. Some of you may wonder, “What’s the point of starting a website?” I had to think through that myself. Here are 5 reasons why a website is necessary.
  1. Online communication is the best way to connect with young women of this generation and reach an audience that is not currently within my circle of influence.
  2. A website will create opportunities for me to connect with single women all over the world, not just in Grand Rapids, MI.
  3. A website is the most effective way to share resources and advertise events that would benefit single women in cross-cultural ministry.
  4. Through a website, I can raise awareness for the specific challenges that single women face in cross-cultural ministry. I hope that will help cultivate a connection between single women overseas and those who support them at home.
  5. The primary connection that single women in global ministry need to nurture is the one with their Shepherd who leads and watches over them every day. Missionaries often neglect their spiritual health in response to the pressures of cross-cultural ministry. Scott Schaum calls it “spiritual anemia” and includes it in his list of the top five themes that he sees in his extensive work with global workers. Global workers can continue their ministry in this anemic condition but they will be tired and stretched thin “like butter scraped over too much bread”. My blog will encourage single women to invest in their physical, spiritual, and emotional health and refreshment so that they can do what God has called them to do joyfully and effectively.  
Before you get too excited, there is much to do before this website can become a reality. The task list is daunting. It involves researching web page templates, creating a logo, writing a bio, and creating content. I almost hesitate to tell you for fear that I can’t complete it, but I guess that’s how it feels when you try something new and challenging. I’m thinking through the details and trusting God to go before me.
More Groundwork
Now that I’ve told you where I’m headed, I must ask for prayer in first laying more groundwork. It has come to my attention that the foundation that I have been attempting to build upon for my new ministry is insufficient. When I was a missionary with New Tribes Mission, I signed on to a fully developed ministry platform. They had the focus – Reaching the Unreached. They told me how much money I needed to raise. They gave me templates for business cards and brochures and I just filled in my information. It was like my mission was handed to me on a silver platter.
Now all of that has changed. As I begin my new chapter, I am being called upon to reach deeper within myself to bring God’s calling on my life into razor sharp focus. I started out confused but with every day that passes, I’m gaining more clarity. It’s been difficult, but also thrilling, as I reevaluate everything and discard that which isn’t working. I’m being transformed and my ministry is being transformed, too. The learning curve is steep. It’s more personal and much more risky. But I’m excited because I know that one day I will pass my hard won knowledge on to the next single woman who is called by God to do the same.
Join Me
Nothing of significance was ever accomplished by one individual alone. They are part of a community. My heart’s desire is to be connected to a supportive community. I want accountability and encouragement. That is why I am searching for individuals and couples who want to join my network. I’m looking for those people who love single women in cross-cultural ministry and want to see them connected and thriving. I need those people to walk alongside me in my ministry. If you’d like to be one of them, then email me at and I’ll sign you up to receive my monthly newsletter. I’ll tell you about another way that I am developing my supportive network in my next email.

Thank you for your prayers and support as my ministry continues to grow.
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