For the lateset on what is happening at CIC and find useful information on Islamic Wills, Ramadan Iftar Dinners, kids martial arts classes and other community services that are now available to you.
In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious The Most Merciful

President’s Report

Assalaam Aleikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barkathu

The CIC continues to be a hive of activity and the last couple of months have been possibly the most frenetic period for many years. There have been literally tonnes of dirt moved around the CIC complex by heavy earth moving vehicles. The surrounding grounds are now free of scrub and levelled. A new all-encompassing fence stretching around the full perimeter of CICs 1.6 hectares of land has been erected.  The EC acknowledges the hard work done by Br Sabri and his team of workers. The result is that we have abundant car parking capacity and our new challenge is how best to configure and mark up the parking bays.
All this preparatory work supports the commencement of construction for Phase 2. As reported in the March quarter newsletter, community consultation on a revised Phase 2 design is now taking place with new plans produced by our expert architect Mr Shamsul Huda. The revised plans were placed on display as part of last Sundays CIC Open Day and on the website for comment.  A detailed 3D presentation of the plans will be provided at the upcoming CIC fund raising dinner that will be held on 23 June 2012.
I am also pleased to note a new CIC website went live on 4 May 2012 and we are especially pleased by the simplicity of its design and the ease of navigation. We have endeavoured to make it user friendly and of course we will continue to make further improvements and enhancements as we go.
We had a very successful monthly social gathering on 12 May 2012 where CIC in conjunction with MCCA hosted a workshop on Islamic Finance conducted by a special guest presenter Mr Almir Colan from La Trobe University.
The CIC Open Day on May 27 received a lot of positive feedback and from all accounts it achieved its aim, which was to encourage the wider ACT community to the centre in order to gain a better understanding of Islam and the activities being undertaken by CIC as an institution.
Our thanks go to a range of people with out whom this event would not have been possible, including Imam Konda and Sr Fatima Killen.  A very special acknowledgement goes to Sr Zaharah Sansusi who coordinated the Malaysian Food Bazaar, with the help in particular of:
  • The President of AMMF (ACT Malaysian Muslim Families Association) who donated and organised the Malay community to give their support for this event.
  • The Asian Grocers in Phillip who donated all the food items/groceries for cooking and gave a further donation from the stall sales.
  • Br Ashraf of the Belconnen Halal Market who donated meat.
  • The ladies who madre and donated the Malay cakes, curry puffs, spring rolls, etc and all others who helped with the cleaning up!
  • The High Commission of Malaysia and Tourism Malaysia who supported the Open day event.
Further this event was a first for CIC to have support coming from the Malaysian community.  We are sure that this support will continue in the future.

Our annual fund raising dinner is fast approaching and if you haven’t bought a ticket so far, please see one of the Executive Committee members to reserve your place.  Ticket prices remain the same as previous years, please see website for further details.

InshaAllah, the EC will continue to build stronger links with our Malaysian community members as well as all other communities and we look forward to your continued involvement and support of CIC and its activities.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan

Azra Khan
Canberra Islamic Centre

CIC upcoming event

Canberra Islamic Centre
Annual Fund Raising Dinner
Saturday 23 June 2012

To fund the first stage of construction of Phase 2 of the complex that includes a Masjid (dedicated place of worship), the ANIL Library and other facilities.

The fund raising dinner special guests are Minister Joy Burch representing Chief Minister Katy Gallagher and our other invited special guest is Sheikh Abu Ahmad, President of the Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia.

Insha'Allah with much new focus and energy, the EC seeks your support so join us at the fund raising dinner this year for your chance to invest in a noble cause - one that will deliver the best returns in the hereafter.

Tickets are now on sale:
  • Ticket per head $50.00
  • Family ticket $200.00
  • Children 7 to 15 yrs $25.00, under 7 yrs are free
Please contact the following EC members to book and purchase your tickets:
Zafar Ahmad      0438 929 049           
Iqbal Zahid        0411 108 781 
Azra Khan          0409 324 693   
Ishfaq Haider    0412 426 453
Jaeson Aras       0414 593 639           
Mohammad Ahmad      0423931242
Ali Akbar            0414 514 779           
Zainab Farouk   0435 344 018
Amadu Barrie     0402 196 044

Pictures of CIC Open Day

Office Of Imam Adam Konda

Imam Adam Kondas talks at various CIC events including Friday Khutbas can now also be seen on video and can be accessed under the "Office of Imam" tab on our revamped website:

Martial Arts classes for Kids at CIC

Mr Bilal Berjoui runs martial arts classes every Friday. These are run after the regular childrens Islamic class and after the Isha prayer. Start time is around 7.45pm and the class is free of charge. This class is a mixed martial arts class and includes boxing, kickboxing and jiujitsu.

Information on Mental Health/Psychological services

CIC often gets requests for information on how to access counselling and support when suffering from mental health related problems. Firstly, for people who have a Medicare card, you are able to see your local GP to obtain a referral to see a Psychologist.

If you do not have a Medicare card you can access Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS program). ATAPS is for anyone experiencing barriers. This includes permanent residents, citizens, as well as those ineligible for a Medicare card, such as asylum seekers. The GP must complete a mental health treatment plan but no longer have to bill Medicare for it, so no Medicare card is needed.  More information can be found here at:

As a special service to community members who are in crisis and experiencing financial difficulties, CIC has contacted Ms Zebunnissa Khan to provide assistance.

Ms Zebunnissa Khan is a Psychologist based in Canberra. She is from Pakistan and has a good understanding of the related religious and cultural issues. She has almost 10 years of working experience and speaks English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.

Her details are:
Zebunnissa Khan
Registered Psychologist
Lifestyle Psychology
P:  0477 918 275

Want your own Islamic Will?

If you need legal advice on how to go about getting your Will made and would like to know more about how to create your own Islamic Will than you may find this information useful.

As a special service to the Canberra Islamic Centre and for a $100 donation to CIC, Mr. Suhail Khan, Barrister, Solicitor has kindly offered to provide advice and assistance to community members with creating thier own Islamic Will.  For further information you can email Mr Suhail Khan on

Radio CIC - Wed 5.30pm to 6.30pm - Valley FM 89.5

Radio CIC is Canberra’s first and only regular Islamic English community radio program. Radio CIC reaches out to the valley community with news, music and current affairs from the Muslim world as well as interesting topics on Islam and the latest news of events taking place at the Canberra Islamic Centre (CIC). 
If you wish to promote a community announcement, please contact the Radio CIC team on or ring the Valley FM studio whilst there is a song break on 6292 0332.

Ramadan at CIC

The 1st of Ramadan will be subject to the sighting of the moon and an official declaration of the start of the Holy month of Ramadan in Australia but at this stage it is envisaged that this will be on 20 July.

CIC will hold Taraweeh prayers daily through out the month of Ramadan InshaAllah.

The Executive of CIC has for some years been considering how to manage the ever increasing number of people who come to the Iftar Dinner events held at CIC during the month of Ramadan.

With this number growing to the extent that CIC is now not able to safely accommodate numbers in excess of 800 comfortably last year CIC members were consulted on how best to manage this issue. Following this consultation, we trialled a gold coin collection last year, with a view to increasing the charge the following year. This year we plan to implement that requirement and an entry fee of $5.00 per person for non members of CIC will be charged. Of course we encourage all non-members who plan to attend Iftar events to register and become official members of CIC. To register you need to complete the membership form and pay a life time membership fee of just $20.00. To register, simply download and complete the form from the CIC website see link

Hand your payment and the completed form to the Treasurer at CIC or mail it along with a cheque to: Treasurer, CIC, PO Box 186 Calwell ACT 2906.
So we hope to continue the long-standing tradition of the CIC Iftar Dinners each Saturday during the holy month of Ramadan. We are indeed very fortunate, to have the support of the various Muslim community groups and we extend an invitation to all our members and non-members to join us during Ramadan. We can confirm that the Pakistani community will host the first Iftar Dinner on the Saturday 21 July.

April 2012 Accounts

Reference Date Description of income Amount Earned by Category
R#D9817 2-Apr-12  Mr Imran Sheikh $20.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9818 2-Apr-12 Mr Atique Siddiquie $50.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9819 2-Apr-12 Mr Imran Sheikh $200.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9820 4-Apr-12 Mr T M Khan $90.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9821 6-Apr-12 Mr Muzaffar Ali $50.00 Cash Donation
R#D9822 6-Apr-12 Ms Tahmina Ali $125.00 Cash Donation
R#D9823 6-Apr-12 Box Colllection Friday $645.00 Cash Donation
R#D9824 10-Apr-12 Mr Arshad Hussanee $5.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9825 10-Apr-12 Ms Shayima Hussanee $35.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9826 10-Apr-12 Mr Rabie Soukieh $100.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9827 11-Apr-12 A Muslim (Conv) $10.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9828 12-Apr-12 Mr Mohammad Ahmad $25.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9829 13-Apr-12 Mr Ziyaad Hussanee $25.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9830 13-Apr-12 Mr Arshad Hussanee $5.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9831 13-Apr-12 A Muslim $30.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9832 14-Apr-12 Mr Zafar Ahmad $50.00 Cash Donation
R#D9833 14-Apr-12 Box Colllection Friday $1,176.20 Cash Donation
R#D9834 15-Apr-12 Mr Kalimulah Khan $20.00 Cash Donation
R#D9835 16-Apr-12 Mr Bilal Berjaoui $30.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9836 16-Apr-12 Mr Akil Islam $100.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9837 17-Apr-12 Mr Ishfaq Haider $50.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9838 19-Apr-12 Mr Abdul Sultan Bhimani $101.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9839 20-Apr-12 Mr Arshad Hussanee $5.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9840 20-Apr-12 Ms Shayima Hussanee $30.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9841 20-Apr-12 Box Colllection Friday $795.00 Cash Donation
R#D9842 26-Apr-12 Mr Mohammad Ahmad $25.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9843 26-Apr-12 Ms Fazilat Munam $50.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9844 27-Apr-12 Mr Arshad Hussanee $5.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9845 27-Apr-12 Mr Shahid Khan $50.00 Cash Donation
R#D9846 27-Apr-12 Mr Ziyaad Hussanee $25.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9847 27-Apr-12 Box Colllection Friday $720.00 Cash Donation
  29-Apr-12 Food Bazar sale $1,191.45 Cash Food sale
R#D9848 30-Apr-12 Mr Akramul Hoque $10.00 Acct transfer Donation
R#D9849 30-Apr-12 Mr Adama Konda $200.00 Cash Donation
  30-Apr-12 Total income $6,048.65    
Reference Date Description of expense Amount Paid by Category
  2-Apr-12 Account fee $8.20 Cheque Bank fee
  6-Apr-12 Friday cleaning charge  $50.00 Cash Cleaning
  6-Apr-12 Imam services fee $2,120.19 Acc transfer Remuneration
W201544 10-Apr-12 Insurance premium: Ausure Pty Ltd $9,867.69 Cheque Isurance
W201543 11-Apr-12 Canberra Muslim Youth Act deposit: for homeless sister rental assistance $1,176.20 Cheque Charity
  12-Apr-12 Broadband fee $39.99 Acc transfer Broadband
  13-Apr-12 Friday cleaning charge  $50.00 Cash Cleaning
  20-Apr-12 Imam services fee $2,120.19 Acc transfer Remuneration
  20-Apr-12 Friday cleaning charge  $50.00 Cash Cleaning
W201547 23-Apr-12 Clouston & Hall Pty Ltd $198.40 Cheque Books
W201546 24-Apr-12 Toiletories: Bidvest $174.77 Cheque Consumables
W201545 26-Apr-12 Telephone bill: Telstra $33.65 Cheque Telephone
W201545 26-Apr-12 Telefax bill: Telstra $16.18 Cheque Telefax
  27-Apr-12 Friday cleaning charge  $50.00 Cash Cleaning
  29-Apr-12 Food bazar expense $250.00 Cash Food cost
  30-Apr-12 Repairs: Bunnings $12.38 Cash Maintenance
  30-Apr-12 Total expense $16,217.84    
  30-Apr-12 CIC Account Balances: This month   Last month
    Westpac Bank $26,330.84   $23,513.90
    St Georges Bank $124,926.43   $127,709.19
    Community CPS Australia $33,131.13   $33,123.19
    MCCA Melbourne $36,077.97   $36,077.97
      $220,466.37   $220,424.25
    CIC Current Liabilities:      
    Contingent liability $96,000.00   $96,000.00
    Loans from members $23,650.00   $23,650.00

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