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May 2015
GoWesty Newsletter


Creating Camp Vibes
"Create an environment in yourself and your life where good things are welcome, and good things will come."
- Zero Dean

Once you get where you're going, the next step is creating the proper camp vibe. This month's specials are aimed at helping you do just that.

First things first: Find a shady spot between two aptly-spaced trees, and hang a hammock to rest your weary bones while contemplating the clouds. After some shuteye, it's time to get to work! Pop the top, and then get your exterior table mount in place so that you can use that camper table outside the van (where it really belongs!). Crank out your awning, unfurl your outdoor mat, and breathe a sweet sigh of relief. Set up your handy campfire grill, get your stainless cookset ready, and make sure you have your campsite trash can in place. Feels a lot like home, doesn't it? Once you bring out your glow-in-the-dark bocce set, the camp vibes are pretty much complete. All that's missing is some campfire smoke, but you're on that, right?

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As always, we wish you loads of fun out on the road. Make sure to share a wave to your fellow Westy Life travelers... and we'll make sure to always give you one back!



8th Annual GoWesty Calendar Contest

GoWesty is seeking scenic camper photos for our 2016 calendar, which will be available for purchase through our website in November of this year. Winners will receive a free copy of the calendar, as well as $50 in GoBucks, redeemable with any GoWesty website order. But the best part, of course, is the fame and glory that comes from having your photo chosen and published!

Click here for more information... and get those cameras ready!


Product of the Month

ABS Door Panels (Now in Gray!)

Our popular ABS door panels are now available in gray to match your late-model Vanagon's interior! Check out the full ABS bundle here, and save some cash on a beautiful set of nearly-indestructible new panels. 

Coming Soon

GoWesty-Designed Oil Splash Plates (Vanagon)

The OEM oil splash plates have gone the way of the dinosaur, so we set our engineering team to the task of designing a less-expensive, smarter version. They rose to the occasion, and we think you'll agree. This new version will replace our previous offering, and it'll save you some serious cash!

We kindly request that you refrain from emailing and/or calling our sales staff regarding availability of these coming-soon products. They will be live in our New Products section as soon as they're ready!

Video of the Month

Fresh Water Hose Replacement Kit
Have you actually looked at your fresh water hose system? It's pretty scary to think that you're actually using that water to "clean" your dishes. This simple kit will give your fresh water system a nice refresh, and our handy video will help you install it!

GoWesty Sponsored Adventurers

These GoWesty-sponsored adventurers are out there living the Westy Life, and they're keen on showing you how they make camp vibes their everyday reality. We recommend taking the time to get to know them all... if you don't already. 
63mph: Matt and "Donnie," his trusty 1986 Westy, have migrated to Hawaii for some sun, wind, and waves. If you find them, check to see if Matt is sporting an umbrella in his drink. It is paradise, after all. 

Alison Travels: Join Alison, a professional photographer, her 2002 Eurovan Camper ("Campy"), and her sidekick rescue dog, Max, as they travel around the country.

BodesWell: This adventurous family has been living in their '71 Bus for almost five years, and their stories are guaranteed to make you reconsider your day job. 

Charlottamiles: Follow Ned and Kat as they bring their dream of driving around the world to life. The last installment of their adventure to Tierra del Fuego is due out soon! 

Crepe Attack: Check out Greg and Katie on a south-bound adventure of a lifetime. They spread crepe culture far and wide, always looking for the next opportunity to share an experience! Follow them on FacebookInstagramand Twitter.

Our Open Road: The Harteau family has reunited with their trusty van in South America. Amazing photography, breathtaking scenery... make sure your van is packed up and ready to go, because the Harteau family exudes wanderlust.

Tight Loops: Two young artists addicted to adventure, the outdoors, fly fishing, and the Westy Life. Our newest sponsored adventurers could certainly use your help with their Kickstarter campaign. Be a part of something special! 

Vanajeros: After some serious down time, the Vanajeros crew is back on the road! Follow them as the journey of a lifetime continues.

Westfalia Digital Nomads: Join Armando and Melony, two European nomads who live the Westylife on a full-time basis. We are excited to add them to the list of GoWesty-sponsored travelers and to live vicariously through them!

Where's My Office Now?: Corey and Emily recently left GoWesty with their beloved van, Boscha, after undergoing a major overhaul. This dynamic duo yokes the nomadic lifestyle with a steady 9-5 job, which isn't always easy. 



Fiamma F45S Awnings

Fiamma F45S Awning
Available in white, black or titanium case.
10% Off

All Outdoor Mats

Recycled Outdoor Folding Mat (5X6)
Nothing says "home" like a sweet outdoor mat.
$5.00 Off

Larger Capacity LP Tank w/Level Indicator [Vanagon]

Larger Capacity LP Tank w/Level Indicator [Vanagon]
Add almost 80% more LP capacity to your camper!
$20.00 Off

Adjustable Camp Grill

Adjustable Camp Grill
Use it once, and you'll never leave home without it again.
Grill - $5.00 Off
With Tray - $10.00 Off

Trasharoo Spare Tire Storage Pack

Trasharoo Spare Tire Storage Pack
Pack it in, pack it out. The Trasharoo is essential for your campsite.
$5.00 Off

Complete Faucet Upgrade Kit [Vanagon]

Complete Faucet Upgrade Kit [Vanagon]
Three products in one money-saving bundle!
$10.00 Off

Folding Tri-Pod Stool

A comfy and compact camp chair.
12% Off

Outside Table Mount

Outside Table Mount
Bringing nature to a dinner table near you!
$10.00 Off

LED Glow Bocce Set

LED Glow Bocce Set
Don't let the lack of sun stop the fun with this glowing bocce set!
$5.00 Off

Camp Axes and Combos

Gerber Gator Camp Axe & Knife Combo
Zombies beware!
10% Off

GSI Stainless Steel Nesting Cookset

GSI Stainless Steel Nesting Cookset
Indestructible nesting cookset.
$5.00 Off

Compact 4-Position Aluminum Camp Table

Compact 4-Position Aluminum Camp Table
This ultra-compact and lightweight table is a Westy traveler's dream.
$5.00 Off

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New Products

iStart Portable Power Pack

iStart Portable Power Pack
This small hand-held power supply has jump start capability. In other words, it packs a huge power punch!
Our Price $169.95

Variety of Westy Art

Adorn your walls with a Shawn Griggs classic! 
Our Price $39.95

Hitch Safe for 2" Receiver

Hitch Safe for 2
Stash your stuff with this sweet hitch receiver safe!
Our Price $49.95

"Buffalo Westy" T-Shirt

Oh, give me a home where the Westys do roam...
Our Price $14.95

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