Hudson Farmers' Market 2019 — Week 10
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"A smile is a curve that sets things straight." Phyllis Diller

Hello Hudson Farmers' Market Friends!

This week's newsletter will be short and sweet, honest and direct. A little bit of a love letter.
WE, which means everyone at the Hudson Farmers Market, want to thank all of YOU for the support you give us throughout the year.
We're quickly approaching the end of the 2019 Market Season. We have a little over a month left-- the trees are at peak, the nights are calling for cozying up, and the feel in the air is really to be the change and see the change.
Fall always seems to bring in a sense of reflectivity and anticipation-- a musing on all the experiences that came before us at this moment and an acknowledgement that we're standing on a precipice of something new.
We are at a place with the farmers market where we're operating at peak performance-- the food were creating/growing, the community were fostering, the love we're bringing... ALL OF IT speaks volumes to our growth and our coming potential.
We've welcomed in a few new vendors this year, and by all counts they have slid so nicely into the flow of our market that it feels like they have been with us forever. They have made a place for themselves by bringing in some really high quality products and fostering a customer base. They are a reflection of the new. They are a reminder of how to keep ourselves fresh and spry-- a nod to the early days of building our businesses and how important flexibility (of mind, body, and spirits!) is to keeping the whole thing afloat.
Then we have the seasoned veterans-- the more mature businesses who have been wading these waters for years and still find that they enjoying splashing around from time to time. The depth and sight that our veteran vendors bring shows that they're battle tested-- they've seen it all and they have both the foresight to see what's coming and the preparedness to go with whatever is in front of them. That right there... THAT is the hardest balancing act imaginable.
Literally NOTHING about owing and growing a business is easy--- NOTHING! When the phrase "labor of love" was created they MUST have been talking about farmers and hand-crafters. This is hard work and we do it week after week after week. But, I will let you in on a little secret that we all share...
YOU! You make this completely worthwhile. Our conversations and connections make the intensity of the work worth it. Don't get it wrong, we LOVE what we do (you need to to keep going)! But damn! you have to have a strong back, an iron will, and true grit to keep it going. But our customers? You are a dream. You are a reminder to keep steady when the ship might get off course. You are our second wind.
After writing this I'm left thinking of an old axiom that my grandmother used to say: "you can tell the measure of a man by the friends he keeps." And we're all happy to be in the same boat. We love you guys!
Here is the full list of our vendors this week: Don Baker FarmScarecrow FarmBerkshire Mountain BakeryChurchtown GardensBerkshire Mountain DistilleryMartin FarmDestinoRock N RawPura Vida FisheriesHawthorne ValleySamascottMicostaNorthern Star FarmCedar Flower FarmRaven and BoarMiller's CrossingBlue Star FarmRed Oak FarmSpacey TracyChaseholm Farm, The CidermakersBilly's Italian MarketHighland FarmHappy BellySparrowbush FarmHillrock DistilleryTrixie's OvenTownship ValleyArdith MaeBonhomie Farm.
Our guest vendor this week is Free Range Seamstress and a surprise someone will be providing some sweet sounds this Saturday!  Don't forget to bring along your reusable bags!
We are a rain or shine market. We run from 9AM to 1PM in the parking lot at the corner of 6th and Columbia. See you Saturday!
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