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De Gruyter sponsors DOAB

We are very pleased to announce that De Gruyter has decided to become a sponsor of the Directory of Open Access Books. With this sponsorship, De Gruyter celebrates the launch of the De Gruyter Open Access Book Library on The Open Access Book Library is intended to draw attention to the growing number – and growing importance – of open access books. Of the almost 900 titles in the Library, approximately half are De Gruyter titles. The other half is supplied by publishing partners, but available on This makes De Gruyter the largest independent publisher of original content open access books in the humanities.
“In 2005, De Gruyter was one of the first traditional publishers to offer open access books, we have continued to marry our centuries-old expertise in book publishing with our ability to provide open access models to the research and scholarly community,” said Dr. Anke Beck, Managing Director, De Gruyter. “As a part of the run up to celebrating 1000 titles later this year, we are very pleased to confirm our commitment to making open access book publishing a success by sponsoring DOAB.”
We are happy to say that DOAB is doing very well. Earlier this month, DOAB passed the milestone of 6000 listed OA books. In 2016 the list of OA books grew with over fifty percent for the third consecutive year, and DOAB continues to top the list of referral sites. Starting this year, DOAB is taking part in a European Horizon 2020 project (HIRMEOS), to develop a certification service for OA book publishers. The project will also add new features to DOAB: listing OA chapters of books and automated uploading of OA titles by publishers.
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